BibRave Product Review: Brilliant Reflective, Not Just For Runners

Disclaimer: I received Brilliant Reflective Safety Strips to use and review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave to review, find and write race reviews.

You may remember back in early January, I introduced you to Brilliant Reflective, iron on and stick-on reflective strips. I was sticking them on my Orange Mud Hydraquiver, my vests and ironing them onto my cold weather clothing.  I was even sticking them onto my running shoes.

This time, while being asked to test out Brilliant Reflective strips again, I was asked to try them out in a different way, on my bicycle.  Right now, I am not the biggest bicyclist out there by any means.  I have a mountain bike, but I am working on getting a road bike, hopefully by this time next year.  But, not having a road bike, didn’t stop me from putting them on the bike that I have, as well as on my kids bikes! The family bikes.

The results? You tell me…

That puny little red reflector was never enough, now with the Brilliant Reflective strips all over my bike, what car won’t see me? These strips are a must have for any athlete that hits the road early in the morning or at night.  And applying these stick on strips is quick and easy. 

Of course, since Brilliant Reflective sent me a set of iron-on strips, I had to put them on one of my singlets. BOOM!!!

So how else can you use Brilliant Reflective?

  • Bike helmet (I know I should get one, but right now, I don’t have one)
  • Kids backpacks (my kids get on the bus most of the year before the sun comes up)
  • Roller blades
  • Kids scooters
  • Strollers
  • Water bottles
  • Dog leash
  • Running belt 
  • Anything that you do on the roads in the dark…

If you are on the road in the dark, you have got to get some Brilliant Reflective to keep yourself safe.  Order your Brilliant Reflective strips today and use code BRP35 to save 35% on your order!

Want to win a set? Join us Tuesday evening at 9:00est for #BibChat on Twitter. 


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