Product Review: Brilliant Reflective 

Disclaimer: I received Brilliant Reflective Safety Strips to use and review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave to review, find and write race reviews.

For those who have been following my running through my blog entries and on social media, you know I am an early morning runner.  Even in the summer months, I am primarily running in the dark. It’s the time of day that best fits my schedule to run and not interfer with family events and work.  With running in the dark, safety becomes a huge problem.  Of course the number on issue is vehicular traffic and if they can see you or not.

One of the best ways of being seen is by wearing reflective gear.  The problem is, additional reflective gear, on top of your other running clothes, can become quiet expensive and those reflective vests that you could buy never fit comfortably.  But I have been introduced to a great product called Brilliant Reflective! 

Brilliant Reflective are reflective strips that can be added to your running clothes, other running gear, and even to your bike or jogging stroller.  There are two types of strips available, stick-ons and iron-ons. These reflective strips are 200 times brighter than a white t-shirt when lights reflect off of them.  Impressive stuff, right? How has no one come up with this idea sooner???

I used the iron-ons primarely on my normal running clothes and the stick-ons on other gear such as my Hydraquiver, running shoes, and Nike Vest.  The stick-ons work best on items made of nylon as well.  



One of my main concerns, especially for the stick-on was how they would hold up in the laundry.  My vest, which has the stick-ons on it, has been washed a few times since applying the strips has not lost a single strip yet and are hanging on strong.  

I only had slight issues with the iron-on strips when they went through the laundry.  The edges were started to peel off a little.  I decided to try to iron them back on and it seemed to do the trick.  The next time that item was washed, the iron-on stayed on.  

To see how you apply these strips, check out my how to and product review video.

The only item I did not have success with the iron-on working with were my gloves.  While the strips are still on, they are starting to come off.  I believe that this is because they are more form fitting and so when I put the gloves on my hands, the fabric stretched out enough to pull the strips off.  I do not suggest putting the strips on any form fitting item.  

As far as visibility goes, obviously I can’t speak for drivers, but I did notice that drivers were moving over to the center of the road a lot sooner than before I applied the strips. It feels good knowing that I am seen and that I don’t have to question what a driver is going to do up until the last second.  

To find out more about the Brilliant Reflective strips, head over to their website.  At a price of $9.99 a pack, I can’t recommend this product enough! They are fantastic! I need to get myself some more for all my warmer weather running clothes as well.

So get yourself a pack and be seen on those early morning runs. They work great on other products such as on your kids bikes.  

Want a chance to win a set?  Join us for #BibChat on Twitter on Tuesday January 10th at 9:00PM EST and you could walk away with a free pair! 

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