BibRave Product Review: CEP Compression Socks 3.0

“Disclaimer:  I received a pair of CEP 3.0 Tall Compression Socks to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro(ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Oh compression socks, how I love you.  I wear compression socks on days where I have a long run, days that I do speed work, and of course, race days.  But finding the right pair and a pair that really does what they are supposed to do can be difficult.  I first tried CEP Compression back in Decmeber after attending The Running Event and they became my go to Compression Socks.  Well, CEP has released a new compression sock, the 3.0.

The new 3.0 Compression Socks provide the best in recovery and performance thanks to medi true compression.  The new design takes advantage of high-tech yarns, and a more natural fitting toe box.  Compression socks are also made to help you recover faster while reducing swelling and muscle strain.  It also has HEIQ Clima management that helps wick seat away and keeps your feet cooler.

I have worn these socks on long runs, and short races both.  I also just wore them for a marathon as well.  The 3.0 compression socks feel great and work great.  I have really put them to the test especially with speed work and my legs feel great after wearing them for my run.  Also using them for recovery, I can feel my lower leg muscles feeling better, faster.  The idea behind compression socks is to get the blood flowing through faster, speeding up recovery.  And the 3.0 is the best that I have worn in doing that.

The best overall test for me came this past weekend at the Carmel Marathon. The conditions for the race were awful with cool temps and rain. My legs did not feel good and ready for the race and I knew it would be a tough run. The CEP 3.0 compression socks did wonder for my legs and helped me to finish as best as I could for the day. More importantly though, no blisters. I apologize for no race photos as the race has not posted them yet and I didn’t want to get my phone out in the pouring rain.

Overall, these are the best compression socks I have worn and they are now my go to pair. I will need to get another couple pairs. I do know that they are starting to appear in running stores so go and check them out!

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