BibRave Product Review: Coros Pace GPS Watch

“Disclaimer: I received a Coros Pace Multisport watch to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

I love running technology and checking out new companies that are looking to change the game in running technology.  Coros is a new player in the GPS watch game and they have made their appearance in a big way.  The first watch that they released was the Coros Pace.  It is a sleek design and looks great.  This is not just a running watch however, it is a triathalon watch.  To be honest, I only did a couple of bike rides while testing out the watch and I did not do any swimming.  My review will focus primarily on the running aspect of the watch.

First off, my first impression was that it is a simple design with a simple watch face.  The watch face is round and easy to read.  At the top of the watch face, it has your battery life indicator.  Bellow that is your step count, followed by time and date, and lastly your calories burned and total minutes of activity.

The Data screens for either biking, swimming, or biking are easy to customize to fit your needs. All adjustments are done through the COROS app and the directly update your watch. You can have up to 5 data screens per activity.

I am very pleased with the accuracy of the GPS watch as well. I did one race, a half marathon , and the distance that it said I ran was right on the money. Besides measuring your distance, you can also get elevation measurements while on the run. However I have noticed that the start and finish elevation have been different and I am starting and ending my runs at the same place. So this part I would say is not quiet accurate.

When it comes to the app, it is also real easy to navigate and gives a lot of info.

Some things that I would like to see updated or added to the Coros Pace Watch:

  1. I would like to have the ability to check out my splits from my watch.  Once the run is downloaded into the app, you can see your splits there but they are not accessible from the watch itself.
  2. Ability to change the watch face and the data you see during the day.  I am not one who really cares about my step count or total minutes of activity.  I would rather have just the time, date, and battery life.  I guess what I am saying is, I would like to be able to customize my watch face.
  3. I would like to have the ability to turn on the back light on with a push of a button.  You are able to turn on the back light by just turning your wrist.  However it does take a second and it seems if you don’t do it fast enough, it wont turn on.  I am used to having a button that I just hit to turn on the back light, and because of that, I accidentally hit the lap button to try to get the back light to turn on.  Oops.

Other than that, this is a very good GPS watch.  The battery life is great and beats other GPS watch’s that I have tried out.

If you have never purchased a GPS watch and looking for a way not to break the bank, this is a great watch.  It has all of the features that a runner needs and want and it is cheaper than similar watch’s at $299.


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