BibRave Product Review: Boco Gear 360 Endurancd Hat and 360 Visor

“Disclaimer: I received a free BOCO 360° Visor® and Run Hat to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

I love hats, I probably have too many. But what I don’t have too many of is good running hats, and definitely don’t have very many visors. In fact, the Boco 360 visor is my first visor. Here are the specs for the visor

• Lightweight wicking woven or dry tech polyester outside

• Wicking internal sweatband to move sweat from your forehead

• Soft brushed elastic back for comfort and fit

• Relaxed fit front panel for a better performance and comfort

• Sublimated designs now extend 360 degrees for an updated look

• Black underside of the bill to reduce glare

• Curved bill

• Men’s and women’s sizing

• Machine washable

I love the visor. It’s a very comfortable fit. The elastic band creates a great fit and does slide but also not too tight. The visor option also allows for my breathability and keeps the head cooler through air movement. The visor was my go to hardware for my two fall marathons this year. Lastly, as stated earlier, it is machine washable so no stinky visor handing around.

Now onto the Endurance hat. This is a very light weight hat. Here are the specs:

• Lightweight wicking woven polyester material provides a layer of protection from mother nature on the front and throughout the hat

• Larger Dry Tech polyester mesh side gussets on the side keep your head cool for the length of your workout.

• Soft polyester mesh wicking sweatband on the inside to help move sweat away from your head keeping you focused on the trail or road.

• Adjustable back snap buckle with tuck in pocket for any excess keeping the back of your hat tidy.

• Pliable stuffable soft bill

• Black underside of the bill to reduce glare

• Men’s and women’s sizing

• Machine Washable

I like that the hat is light weight and very bright in color, making it very easy to see you while you are out running. I also like the Dry Tech polyester mesh sides which makes it breathable and slows air movement. A comfortable fit is also easy to find with the adjustable strap in the back.

What I don’t like about the hat is the pliable soft bill. With the bills of my hat, I want to shape them and have them stay in that shape. With the bill on this hat, I have to reshape it every run to get the fit I want before every run, and sometimes during my run. That is really my only complaint.

Between the two styles i tested out, I prefer the visor over the endurance hat. However, I have seen Boco’s Run Hat in our local Fleet Feet store and I really like that hat so I will probably be purchasing the Run Hat there. It has the bill I like. I have also a BibRave trucker hat that I really like as well. Boco makes some awesome hats for running and activity lifestyle.

Check out Boco’s website where you can see all the customized hardware that they have made for a lot of running companies. A lot of great looking hardware!


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