Race Review: Nappanee Apple Festival 5k

Man, it’s been a little while since I have written one of these. Prior to Saturday’s Nappanee Apple Festival 5k, It had been 49 days since I last ran a race. For this time of year, that seems the to long, but with moving and focusing on the upcoming Chicago Marathon, it was the smart thing to do. 

I decided to break my race drought by running the local Apple Festival 5k for a couple of reasons. 

  1. I just wanted to compete in something. 
  2. A friend, and classmate of mine from middle school through high school is the race director 
  3. Cash prizes for top 3. 

My goals for the race were simple, top 3 overall male. If you are new to the blog, then you should know that I hate the 5k distance.  Give me a half or full marathon any day.  I consider the 5k as the spawn of Satan. With all that being set, I did not have a time goal going into the race. 
The race started a little later than you would usually expect. The race starts at 10:00.  The reason being is that it runs ahead of the parade for the last mile. The first 2 miles run through the side streets in town before hitting the main strip through town. ​​


The later start was nice thing about the later start allowed the family to sleep in before leaving the house just before 9:00 (only a 10-15 minute drive from our home). With it being a Festival, parking is an issue and you are on your own to find street parking.  We got lucky and parked a couple blocks away. Picked up my bib and shirt around 9:15, did my warm up and was ready to run.  

Race day temps were right around 60 degrees and sunny. The race started right at 10:00.  The leaders took it out hard and I wanted nothing to do with that. I ran my first mile in 5:58 which is probably about what I wanted. Early on, I was sitting in probably 5th or 6th but by the mile mark, I was 3rd overall with the lead male and lead female ahead of me. To kill the suspense, that how it finished.  The next two miles were in 6:14 and 6:21. I ended up finishing 3rd overall, 2nd male. 

Would it have been nice to win? Absolutely, would have meant winning $50. However I will be happy with winning $30, still more than covers my race entry. However with all the training, I just didn’t have it in my legs to even come close to competing for the top spot. 

Thoughts on the race

This is the second year that my friend Lindsay Yoder has directed this race, and she has done well with getting it going.  Registration opened up a couple months before the race at $18. A couple weeks before the race, registration fees went up to $25. Each runner receives a cotton T-shirt.  The Apple Festival has had races of different distances and courses, but she has been the only one to get the race to finish on the parade route. 

Speaking of the parade route, you can tell that people who come out to watch the parade either didn’t know that the race happens, or they just don’t care because there is no cheering going on. Oh well. 

The course itself is mostly flat with a few gradual hills, nothing big however. There are plenty of high school football players out volunteering on the course by making sure you go the right way, and the course is very well marked.  

Overall, I would do this race every year if I could, but it looks like I will not be able to run it for the next several years since my oldest daughter will start running cross country next year and her brother and sister will probably run cross country in the coming years, my fall Saturdays will be taken us  by cross country meets. 
Up Next:

  • 10/7/17 Chicago International 5k
  • 10/8/17 Chicago Marathon 
  • 11/4/17 Monumental Marathon
  • 11/23/17 Thankful Four 

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