I am a #ShokzStar!!! 

As most of you know, I am a BibRave Pro, and a Fleet Feet Mishawaka Ambassador.  Now I am excited to announce another ambassadorship, I am now a #ShokzStar.  That’s right, I am an ambassador for AfterShokz Headphones, the safest headphones for those who are active!

 Why are they so safe? Because they allow you to listen to your music without covering your ears.  That’s because they use bone conduction technology.  What is bone conduction? The AfterShokz headphones sit on your cheekbones and deliver sound through vibrations.  This means that you can listen to music, podcasts, and even take a phone call while being able to hear your surroundings.   They are also safer because you are no sticking ear buds into your ears and possibly damaging your ears. 

As a BibRave Pro, I have reviewed the Sportz Titanium Headphones and the Trekz Titanium Headphones and love them both.  This is a product that I am a firm believer in.  Before trying out the Trekz Titanium Headphones, I had given up on listening to music because I viewed it as unsafe to wear uncomfortable ear buds. I have been using AfterShokz for over a year now and I will never go back to ear buds.  I am such a believer in AfterShokz that last Mother’s Day, I bought my wife a pair, and last Christmas we bought our daughters pairs of the Trekz Titanium Mini Headphones.  

A perk of being a #ShokzStar is that you can try them out before you buy them because AfterShokz sent me 5 pairs of their Trekz Titanium Headphones and 2 pairs of the Sportz Titanium Headphones! That’s right, if you want to try them out, and live in the South Bend, IN area, get in contact with me and I can get you a pair to try out for a week or two! If you decide you really like them, then use code MARK1 to save 15% off of your online order! 

Also, we are working out the details to have demo run real soon at a Fleet Feet Pub Run in South Bend in the near future, so stay tuned for more details if you are in the area.  

Ditch the ear bud headphones and open your ears and hear it all with AfterShokz! 


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