Giveaway!!!! SmellWell

Disclaimer: I received SmellWell to review and another set to give away as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews! 

That’s right, I have a giveaway for you! I have been using SnellWell in my shoes and running bag now for a few months and they have been fantastic at eliminating nasty odor.  These pouches may look small, but they eliminate a lot of nasty smells.  

For those who did not see my previous review of SmellWell, these pouches are small, and fit nicely in your running shoes.  But that’s no where their usefulness ends.  Another great use is in your smelly workout bag after a workout in the gym, post run, or after a race so that the nasty odors wont escape and linger into your car. The first set of pouchs that I received are still working Strong after 4 months of use! 

What I like best about SmellWell compared to other products that are designed to mask or eliminate odor is how simple they are. There are no sprays, just the pouches. All you have to do is throw them in your bag or shoes after a run and that’s it. ​

​Now to the part that you have all been waiting for, the GIVEAWAY! I have a set of SmellWell pouches to give away to a lucky winner.  Here is what you need to do, just leave a comment below telling me how you would use SmellWell pouches if you win.  Only comments on the blog will count.  I am on vacation through Saturday, so on Sunday, I will choose 1 random winner!​

​If you don’t win, don’t worry. I have an awesome discount to share with you. Use code BIBPRO10 and buy 2 sets and get the 3rd set free! When you order, put 3 sets in the cart, use the code at check out, and you will get the third set free. 


9 thoughts on “Giveaway!!!! SmellWell

  1. Dude, I need some in my gym bag. If I forget and leave my swim towel in there….yikes! The stink! Been thinking about needing these since you first reviewed them.


  2. As well as being a fellow runner, I am also the mother to two athletic daughters who create their fair share of smelly shoes and gym bags! I would use these amazing little bundles of awesomeness all the time! Thank you for your reviews!


  3. I am a college cross country runner and have tried my fair share of odor eliminators to no avail. I would love to try this product and finally have reliable odor protection! My even stinkier triplet brother is going into Purdue Navy ROTC and loves to run too. I can’t wait to tell him about this product. Thanks for the blog!!

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  4. I have all of my running shoes in an over the door hanger in my main closet. When I open the door, I get a whiff of some foul odors. All shoes. These would go right into rotation in between my shoes and hopefully make a difference in that smell!!


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