Race Review: The Big Run, Mishawaka Edition

For the first time, and hopefully there will be many more to come, Fleet Feet Sports Stores across the country came together to form a 5k race on Global Running Day (or is it National Running Day) where local stores would host a 5k race in their towns and then results would be combined to form national results to see who is the fastest in the country.

The Mishawaka local Fleet Feet Store held their run at Buetter Park at 6:00PM. It was sunny and temps were in the mid 70s.  The mishawaka race had between 130-140 runners. This was also 4 days after the Sunburst Races, the largest local running event. 

The great thing about the Mishawaka location, was that none of the course was on local roads.  The whole course was through the park on the bike paths. There were some people walking around the path while we were running, but really they were nice enough to move over to one side. 

For this race, I pushed Derek in the jogging stroller, seeing if I could get a new 5k stroller pushing PR. With it being 10 days after my marathon and 4 days after my half marathon, that was not really an obtainable goal, as I ran a 20:55. I finished 8th overall at the Mishawaka race, 1st in the 30-39 age division, 180th nationwide, and 9th in my division nationwide. Not too shabby.  

Derek and I coming to the finishline. With Brooks being the title sponsor of the Big Run nation wide, they provided some great race shirts (see top photo of this blog) and finishers medals. Fleet Feet Sports Mishawaka Ambasador Team.  Some ran, some volunteered, some ran and volunteered.First in age division got me $25 towards my next purchase at Fleet Feet Sports Mishawaka. As soon as it was in my hands, it was spent on Tina’s next new pair of running shoes. 

Chloe even volunteered by handing out medals with our friend Paul Kern. 

Hopefully this is an event that Fleet Feet will continue to do year after year to celebrate National Running Day (or Global Running Day, whatever you want to call it). In Mishawaka, there are talks of getting the course we ran on certified so hopefully there will be more events on it throughout the year. Maybe have a weekly run. 


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