BibRave Product Review: BUFF Arm Sleeves

Disclaimer: I received the BUFF UV Arm Sleeves to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I have used arm sleeves on several occasions, especially during races in the cooler months, especially marathons in April or November. They are very common for me to wear at those times. No big deal. But what about the warmer months? Why would anyone wear arm sleeves during the warm summer race? Two words: SUN PROTECTION! 

Well, I was given the opportunity to try BUFF UV Arm Sleeves to see just how comfortable arm sleeves would be in the warmer weather. When I saw that BUFF made these arm sleeves for sun protection with the purpose of wearing them when it was warmer, put a lot of questions in my mind. So I was very interested in trying these out.

I tried them in a couple ways and different weather conditions. 

Cooler weather: I tried them on some of my morning runs with temps in the mid 40s to low 50s. I would compare them to wearing a long sleeve shirt as far as how warm my arms felt, not too warm but very comfortable.  

Warm Weather Runch:  I was skeptical going into this run of the sleeves.  Temps were in the 80s and this seemed nuts, especially since it was a speed workout. But I will tell you what, my arms never felt too warm and very protected from the sun. I really didn’t even notice that they were there. 

A Couple Races: I did try them during a couple of races, a 5k and half marathon. The 5k was a cooler race, with temps in low 50s and the half marathon was in the mid 60s-70 degrees. In both races, I felt no issues with them.  They are very comfortable to wear and after a couple minutes, you forget that they are on. 

So how do these things keep you cool during warmer runs? Well, just as your body cools through sweating, as theses get wet with sweat, it cools off your arms very nicely.  If that doesn’t seem like it would be enough, how about a couple of tricks? How about soaking in water before your run? I tried this a couple times and they do stay wet for 30-45 minutes from my experience. During a race, just take an extra cup or 2 from an aid station and dump them on your arms to cool them off. Another option, sticking them in the freezer to cool them before wearing.  

While the UV protection of the UV BUFF Arm Sleeves work great, I am not sure how much I will use them during the hot summer months, especially warm afternoon runs (I will avoid running at this time anyways).  I just think it might’ve too much for me.  However, on runs with temps up to 70-75 degrees, I stayed very comfortable.  

What I liked:

  • Not to tight
  • Several design options to choose from
  • They don’t slip down while wearing
  • Very comfortable and you really don’t notice them


  • You are still limited on wearing them in extreme temps when sunprotection is needed most.

Only thing I want to see, make a set that matches my favorite BUFFs, an American Flag! 


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