Product Review: Oofos OOmg Recovery Shoes

“Disclaimer: I received the OOFOS OOmg low shoe to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

For runners, taking care of your feet is one of the most important thing you can do for yourself.  We spend a lot of money for the best, most comfortable shoes that work best for us individually.  But what about for recovery? Your running shoes are made to support your feet on the run but yet, don’t provided the cushioning your feet need for recovery. 

Bring on the the Oofos OOmg recovery shoes! Yes you read that right, shoes! Oofos has been producing sandals for recovery over the past few years that have grown in popularity for runners.  Now Oofos has come out with the OOmg shoes.  What I like most is that I can now wear my Oofos to work.  With my job, sandals are not allowed, so I can now wear my Oofos OOmg’s to work.  Plus, these will be a little better to wear in the winter. ​

I wore the Oofos OOMg Recovery Shoes following workouts, 5k, and a marathon, and the Oofos cushioning technology is second to none.  Another great feature to these shoes is the 4 way mesh that allows your foot to move naturally as well as allowing, I believe, more blood circulation than you would get from your normal running shoes.  They are also designed to be for everyday wear, not just for post run or race.   


  • Feeling the Ooooo! These feel amazing after a run.  The foam technology in all Oofos products absorbs 37% more shock with every step than your running shoes.  
  • Machine washable (use cool water, no fabric softener).
  • I can wear these to work! 
  • Easy to just slip on after a run. 
  • Very lightweight. 


  • The main con, is the price. The $120 price tag is right around the same as a pair of running shoes.  However, they will last at least 6 months and possibly more depending on how often you wear them.
  • Men’s line is not out yet and probably not coming out until 2018.  They are working on developing a wider toe box for guys.  I have narrow feat and so the toe box in my pair is fine but I can see where they want to develop a wider box.

Have you ever tried Oofos? What were your thoughts? 


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