Training Recap May 7-13

*Disclaimer: my workouts are designed specially for me by my coach, Jake Gillette. I will be giving you some general ideas of what I did over the last week, but not all the specifics since they are designed to meet the level I am at, for what my goals are, and it is also my coaches business.

This week, it was back to trading for the Vermont City Marathon.  Running 2 marathon 4 weeks apart is tricky.  On the one hand, I am trying to recover from a difficult marathon at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon on April 30th.  On the other hand, I am getting ready to hopefully have a better race in Burlington, VT.  It’s difficult mixing Recovery with actual training and I won’t be fully recovered before I travel out east.  But I am the one that signed up for this, no one else is making me. Honestly, it I was making my own training plan or following one I found online, I would probably just start by training with what I did 3 weeks before Jall of Fame and go from there. I used to do exactly that.  That’s the advantage of having a coach.  You get personalized workouts to meet you with where you are and adjustments can be made. 

  • Monday: 6 miles easy
  • Tuesday: 8 mile progressive run
  • Wednesday: 6 miles easy
  • Thursday: 6 total miles (1 mile warm up, 2 miles at marathon race pace, 1 mile easy, 1 mile all out, 1 mile cool down)
  • Friday: 7 miles easy
  • Saturday: 12 miles with surges
  • Sunday: rest day but did 1 mile with the kids.

Total for the week: 46 miles

Total for May: 61.4

Total for 2017: 880.86
Upcoming races

  • May 28 Vermont City Marathon (use code “BibRaveDSCT” to save $5 on registration.). 
  • June 3 Sunburst HalfMarathon South Bend, IN
  • June 7 The Big Run 5k hosted by Fleet Feet Sports amishawaka. 
  • June 10 Randy Miner Memorial Country Run Etna Green, IN
  • June 17: Courthouse Classic Lagrange, IN
  • July 16 Chicago Rock N Roll Half Marathon (use code BIBRAVE 15 to save $15 on registration)
  • July 30 B Strong 5k Bremen, IN

More races and discounts to come in the near future! 


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