Product Review: Eagle Creek Pack-it Sport

Disclaimer: I received the Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRavePro (ambassador), and check to review, find, and write race reviews. 

Runners, yeah, sometimes we stink.  We run and get our workout gear smelling funky.  When away from home, we typically just throw them in a bag, or if we are coming home from a race weekend, we just throw the wet smelly clothes into a plastic bag.  The issue with this is that these bags don’t hold in the odor and stinks up the car all the way home.  I think we have all been there.  

Typically after a race, my clothing is very wet and just plain nasty.  It’s nice to know I now have a great alternative for my wet smelly clothes, the Eagle Creek Pack-it Sport. 

Check out my unboxing of the Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport:

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport comes with a gear bag and a shoe locker.  The shoe locker can hold shoes up to men’s size 13. This keeps your shoes separate from your other clothes, therefore not getting your clothes dirty from your shoes before you even wear them. 

The Wet Dry Fitness Locker is what the rest of your running clothes go in. It’s amazing how much gear you can fit into this bag.  Check it out!

The bag is two sides to separate your wet dirty clothes from your dry clean clothes. Throw your wet, dirty running clothes in the zipped up pocket, and you won’t be able to smell them until you remove them from the bag to do laundry.  

The outside of these bags are also TPU-coated fabric for water-resistance, odor protection, and easy visibility.  So how is it holds in the odor? They are made of aantimicrobial treated fabric that prevents odor causing microbial growth.  So even when you open the bag, and remove the dirty clothes, the bag won’t smell and is ready for the next time you pack clothes for a run. If you feel that they need to be washed, they are machine washable! 

I used the bags a lot for when I was on the road for work and wanted to do a runch. These bags have made these runs so much more convenient and easy to pack and carry.  As I stated earlier they also help keep the odor from spreading onto my clean clothes or through my car.  I have been very pleased with the results.  

This weekend is the first time I have used them for the race.  All my race gear fit in nicely with room to spare. Itvwill be nice to be able to throw my nasty smelling clothes into a bag that I know when contain the smell when I come home.  

This set of Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport bags come in 4 colors.  They are priced at $40, which I think is very reasonable but I got a discount code to save you some cash.  Use code SPORT15 to get 15% off your Eagle Creek purchase.  They have a wide selection of gear to check out! 

Join us Tuesday night at 9:00EST for #BibChat, which will be sponsored by Eagle Creek.  You could win a set of Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport for yourself! 


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