Training Recap: March 27-April 2

*Disclaimer: my workouts are designed specially for me by my coach, Jake Gillette. I will be giving you some general ideas of what I did over the last week, but not all the specifics since they are designed to meet the level I am at, for what my goals are, and it is also my coaches business.

  • Monday: 7 miles easy
  • Tuesday: 7.2 miles with 6 miles under 40 minutes.
  • Wednesday: 8 miles easy
  • Thursday: 0 miles
  • Friday: 0 miles
  • Saturday: 15.5 mile long run. 
  • Sunday: off

Miles for the week: 37.7

Miles for March 230.9

Miles for April 15.5

Miles for 2016: 640.33

What a crappy week. Went into the week thinking I was going to get 55-60 miles for the week and I started off well.  Tuesday’s run went very well but things fell apart Wednesday night when I came home from being in Indianapolis all day for work shivering uncontrollably.  I took off Thursday hoping that would be all I would need to miss, but then decided to take Friday off as well.  My goal was to run 20 miles on Saturday but felt dead and out of it after 10 miles and headed home.  

Hopefully that’s it for the illnesses.  In less than 3 weeks I will be pacing my friend Derek Jager in the Glass City Half Marathon in Toledo and then will be racing in the Hall of Fame Marathon in Canton, OH a week later.  Last thing I need now is sickness.  

 Upcoming Races

  • April 23 Glass City Half Marathon (register using code “brpsavings” to save $5) in Toledo, OH 
  • April 29 Maple Syrup Festival 5k
  • April 30 The Hall of Fame Marathon in Canton, OH
  • May 6 Davids Run for Autism in Nappanee, IN
  • May 28 Vermont City Marathon (use code “BibRaveDSCT” to save $5 on registration.). 
  • July 16 Chicago Rock N Roll Half Marathon (use code BIBRAVE 15 to save $15 on registration)
  • More races and discounts to come in the near future! 

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