Week in Training (February 6-12)

*Disclaimer: my workouts are designed specially for me by my coach, Jake Gillette. I will be giving you some general ideas of what I did over the last week, but not all the specifics since they are designed to meet the level I am at, for what my goals are, and it is also my coaches business.  
After somewhat of a recovery week following the F3 Half Marathon, this week was about getting the miles back up.  Weather in Indiana has been more fickle than a teenage girl (I was a youth pastor at one time, probably what drove me nuts the most about teenage girls). Some days the temps are in the 50s and sunny with no wind, the next day it’s 20-30 mph winds and wind chills at 0.  It’s been tough to get a grasp on the weather. 

  • Monday: 6 miles easy
  • Tuesday: 7 miles, a couple miles at marathon pace, another at a 10k pace
  • Wednesday: 6 miles easy
  • Thursday: 8 mile “tempo” run
  • Friday: 6 miles easy
  • Saturday: 20 miles
  • Sunday: rest day 

Week total: 53 miles

Total for February so far: 83 miles

Total for 2017 so far: 290.73

Tuesday’s run I took advantage of some work travel and ran a section of the Nickel Plate Trail in Peru, IN. Never had run this section of the trail before I didn’t know what to expect and just plannedon an out and back run.  The first half of the run was all uphill making the goal marathon pace difficult. The mikevat 10k pace was on the downhill making it easier.  Overall, a decent run on a warm day.  Thursday’s run was tough and quickly I realized there would be nothing tempo about this run.  Temps were also right around zero with the windchill.  Saturday’s 20 mile run was my first run at 20 miles or more since the Monumental Marathon on November 5th.  This long run was about getting the miles in and not the pace.  Nice relaxing long run.
How was your week in training?

Any run that really kicked your butt this week? 

Upcoming Races

  • Mardi Gras Chaser 10k in Chicago benefitting Back on My Feet on February 25th (use code “RAVE” to save $5 on registration)
  • Glass City Half Marathon (register using code “brpsavings” to save $5) in Toledo, OH
  •  The Hall of Fame Marathon in Canton, OH
  • Davids Run for Autism in Nappanee, IN
  • Vermont City Marathon (use code “BibRaveDSCT” to save $5 on registration.). 

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