Podcasts That I Run To

I have been loving my AfterShokz Sportz Titanium headphones featuring bone conduction technology.  They have been comimg with me on runs and to work.  They have a great sound quality. Be looking for my product review over the next week, but go ahead and go to http://bibrave.aftershokz.com/ to purchase a pair for yourself abs receive a free stainless steel water bottle.  

Over the past few months, I have given up on listening to music while running.  Instead I am listening to running podcasts.  One reason is because while in a race, I don’t take my phone of AfterShokz Sportz Titanium Headphones with me on the course.  But the main reason though is that I find them entertaining, and if you find the right podcast, a wealth of running information.    So today, I want to share with you, some of the podcasts that I enjoy listening to, either on the road or just casually listening.  

Runners World Show Podcast

This is probably the podcast that got me interested in podcasts.  The podcast is hosted by Runners World Editor-in-chief David Willey. There is a nice mix of interviews with everyday runners, and household names in the running community.  They have also had panels with Runners World contributors on topics such as marathon training.  Every episode also features an edition of “The Kick,” which talks about some of the top stories in running from the elites to the everyday runner.  Some of my favorite episodes are Ryan & Sara HallLife With BartShalane Flanagan & Frank Shorter, pMeb Keflezighi, and Run Your Best Marathon.  There are a lot more great episodes to check out! 

Diz Runs Podcast

The  Diz Runs Podcast is hosted by Denny Krahe.  Denny is an everyday run/coach.  He has released over 300 podcasts.  He releases 3 a week.  Denny releases 2 interviews every week with other everyday runners, and one “Quick Tip” Episode, which is a 10-15 minute episode giving you tips on the topic of the day. For his weekly interviews, he is able to find runners with truly inspiring stories.  A lot of the stories focuses on how Running has changed their lives.  If you are ever interviewed for Denny’s show, be ready to answer the question of what your favorite race distance is and why.  It’s always his first question.
How Was Your Run Today (HWYRT)
The HWYRT podcast is hosted Bryan Gould and Peter Villa.  This is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  Bryan and Peyer are runners from Boston.  Once again, they are everyday runners that don’t take themselves too serious.  Just like other podcasts mentioned, they interview your everyday runners as well as some higher profile runners such as ultra marathon runner Mike Wardian who just recently broke the record time of running 7 marathons, on 7 continents, in 7 days.  My favorite episode so far is Millinonocket.  You got to give it a listen.

BibRave Podcast
The BibRave podcast is hosted by Tim Murphy and Julia Montag in Portland, OR.  They have had interviews with coaches, doctors, race directors, as well Bart Yasso of Runners World.  Other podcasts have featured some of their race reviews as well.  Some of my favorite episode are Dave McGillivary (Boston Marathon Race Director),  Michael Clemons, race director of the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon, and Bart Yasso (you might notice a mention of a certain twitter handle), 

300 Lbs and Running
This is a relatively new podcast with 7 episodes so far, but it is an inspirational one.  This podcast is hosted by Martinus Evans.  The first thing you will notice when listening is Martinus deep voice.  Obviously as you can tell by the title, Martinus is a larger runner, but not as large as he once was.  He gives running credit for changing his life.  At one time, he weighed 370-380 pounds and is now down to 300 pounds.  He has completed race distances from 5k to marathons and declares that the half marathon as his favorite. 
There are my top podcasts.  Did I miss any?  Tell me what your favorites are. 


4 thoughts on “Podcasts That I Run To

  1. Gah you just reminded me that I was supposed to listen to the new runselfierun podcast today instead of music. Oh well, guess I get to do it tomorrow now 👍 Thanks for the podcast recommendations, I will have to check them out. My personal favorite is anothermotherrunner.

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  2. I need to add podcasts again – I tried a couple for a while but they never stuck with me, maybe the timing just never worked so I went back and forth with music. I still primarily listen to music but am starting on the podcasts again so will take a look at your list. I did listen to the BRP one the other day as I just received an invite to join the team!! Cheers!


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