Week in Training (January 23-29)

*Disclaimer: my workouts are designed specially for me by my coach, Jake Gillette. I will be giving you some general ideas of what I did over the last week, but not all the specifics since they are designed to meet the level I am at, for what my goals are, and it is also my coaches business.  

This week was different than any other recent week in training.  I actually had a race this week!  It has been since early December since I had ran a race and it was about time.  In all realitity, it gas probably done me a lot of good not having a race for over a month.  I have been able to just focus on training and get some good miles in.  But I love to race, spit was great to have the F3 Half Marathon in Chicago this weekend. 

  • Monday- 8: 1 mile warm up, 6 miles of speed work, and 1 mile cool down
  • Tuesday- 6 miles easy
  • Wednesday- 6 miles easy
  • Thursday- off, scheduled test day
  • Friday- 4 miles easy
  • Saturday- 17.1 miles: 2 mile warm up, F3 Half Marathon, 2 mile cool down. I will blog about the race later on this week. 
  • Sunday- off, scheduled day off 

Total for the week: 41.1 miles

Total for January: 193.73

Total for the 2017: 193.73

My workouts were scheduled differently because of the F3 Half on Saturday.  This meant that my speed workout was on Monday and I had an extra day off on Thursday.  I typically take the day off two days before a half marathon or full marathon just to rest the legs and get a shakeout run the day before.  

After not racing for a month, I now have another month off before my next race, the Mardi Gras Chaser 10k in Chicago benefitting Back on My Feet on February 25th (use code “RAVE” to save $5 on registration).

Other races I am running this spring:

  •  Glass City Half Marathon (register using code “brpsavings” to save $5) in Toledo, OH, The Hall of Fame Marathon in Canton, OH, 
  • Hall of Fame Marathon in Canton, OH (sorry, no discount code)
  • Vermont City Marathon (use code “BibRaveDSCT” to save $5 on registration.)

Happy Running everyone! 


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