Week in Training (Jan 8-15)

*Disclaimer: my workouts are designed specially for me by my coach, Jake Gillette.  I will be giving you some general ideas of what I did over the last week, but not all the specifics since they are designed to meet the level I am at, for what my goals are, and it is also my coaches business.  

This winter, I am focusing on some big races, and it all kicks off in less than 2 weeks.  On January 28th, I will be running in the F3 Half Marathon along Lake Michigan in Chicago.  While you might think that a half marathon in Chicago is nuts, the temps haven’t been too bad so I am hopeful the temps will be no lower than 20 on race day (join me at the F3 Half Marathon, use promo code BIBRAVE17 to save $6, or BIBRAVE175k to save $5 off the 5k).

Other races I will be running this spring are the Back on My Feet Mardi Gras Chaser 10k (use code “RAVE” to save $5 on registration) Glass City Half Marathon (register using code “brpsavings” to save $5) in Toledo, OH, The Hall of Fame Marathon in Canton, OH, and the Vermont City Marathon (use code “BibRaveDSCT” to save $5 on registration.)morning runs made brighter with Knuckle Lights!

Over the past week and a half, speed work has been a issue for me.  I am not getting the turnover that I want and my legs have been dead tired.  I just can’t grasp what is wrong at this point.  None of the workouts I am running right now are anything different than I have done in the past.  

  • Monday: 8 miles easy
  • Tuesday: 10 miles (was supposed to be a progressive run, but weather did not cooperate with snow and ice, took it easy)
  • Wednesday: 8 miles easy
  • Thursday: (1 mile easy, 8 miles at race pace, 1 mile cool down)
  • Friday: 6 miles easy
  • Saturday: 12 miles (1 mile warm up, 10 miles in under 70 minutes, 1 mile cool down)
  • Sunday: off day but did run 1.6 miles with my kids at our running club run.

Total for the week 55.6 miles. 

Thursday and Saturdays workouts just did not go well.  I pushed the best I could but things just were not clicking.  Only thing I can think of and I am wondering, if this is the result of a fall I took a couple weeks ago at work.  I slipped on a wet porch and fell on my side and possibly have a bruised rib (not diagnosed but I am pretty sure I have one).  I did talk with a doctor this morning at church and she said the only thing I can do is take some pain mess and put heat on it.  So that’s what I will be doing for a little bit.  Could take 3-6 weeks from when the fall happened for the pain to subside.  It’s not keeping me from running however so that’s good. 


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