Goals For the 2016 Monumental Marathon

Well, we have been to the expo, picked up out bibs, shirts, and visited the vendors.  Made a couple of nice purchases including a very nice reflective jacket with the Monumental Marathon logo on the chest and sleeve.  If a car hits me this winter, it’s not my fault. 

Now, we are in our room resting.  Our definitions of resting are different.  Tina is napping, I am blogging and watching TV (History Chanel). If I took a nap, I would not sleep well at all tonight.  I am also focusing on making sure to stay hydrated with a water bottle by my side.  

Today is really the first day this week that I have taken the time to actually think through tomorrow’s race.  This is in large part due to the Cubs being in the World Series.  I didn’t have any time to think about my race when I was nervous about the World Series.  After the Cubs sealed the deal in game 7 on Wednesday night, and celebrating Thursday, today I finally thought about the race.   So this has actually kind of snuck up on me, which is a good thing. 

Anyways, my goals for tomorrow’s race.  I know this course fairly well.  While I live in Indiana, I don’t run in Indianapolis all that often, but this will be my fourth year in a row running this race.  Besides a couple changes made to improve the race last year, the course is the same.  So I am comfortable in knowing where every noticeable challenge is. 

My goal for tomorrow is to run under 3 hours.  That is about 6:51-6:52 mile pace. My plan, just as it was for Urban Bourbon Half Marathon 2 weeks ago (hopefully actually following through on the plan this time), is to start off relaxed and slower than goal pace.  The issue with bigger marathons is that it’s easier for me to get sucked into a faster start.  I will be good with the first 2 miles around 7:00 pace and then work to get near the 6:51-6:52 pace.  Hopefully the last 10k, I will have a good finish in me. 

Tomorrow’s forecast is probably the warmest I have experienced at Monumental, but not too warm. I have started this race before in the upper 20s.  Tomorrow, the temps look to be in the low 40s at the start and low 50s by the time I finish.  I would prefer cooler, but that’s still not bad.  It will be sunny and winds out of the WSW at 5mph. I will just be running in my BibRave Singlet, shorts, my Legend Compression Socks, Buff, and my Orange Mud Hydraquiver.  I do have arm sleeves as well, but don’t think they will be needed. 

As for the rest of the day/night, we will continue to rest in our room until our dinner reservations at Buca De Bepo at 5:30.  Then walk off the food a little at the Circle Center Mall before returning to the hotel for the night. 

Really looking forward to a beautiful day of running. I love this race, it is on my must run list each year which is why I register on January 1st. If you have never come to Indianapolis for the Monumental Marathon before, I would encourage you to check out my race review early next week.  This is a great event! 

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