Goals for the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon

As I am typing this blog :

  1. We are about 17 hours away from the start of the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon
  2. I am laying in our hotel room, resting my legs watching Paw Patrol. With a 3 year old and 8 year old in a hotel, choices of tv program is quiet limited. 
  3. I am about an hour and 15 minutes away from heading out and getting my pre race pasta dinner. 

As I am resting, of course my head is thinking about tomorrow’s race.  Weather is looking perfect.  Temps will be near 40 degrees at the start.  If I could pick my perfect temperature to run in, this would be it.  But tomorrow is not a day for PRs.  With a marathon in 2 weeks, this is simply a tune up race for me.  I say that, but also I do have a goal to place well. Also slowing me down, besides myself, will be the course itself.  There are some hills out there and I will not push the hills at all.  I plan to put in no more effort in the hills than I am putting in on the flat sections.  So with that all being said, my goals tomorrow will be

  1. Run 1:27-1:28
  2. Mile pace for first few miles at about 6:45 and pick it up to a 6:35 pace later on.  Last 3 miles I may pick it up to fight for position.
  3. Place in top 3 in age division.

I really don’t want to run faster tomorrow than my goal marathon pace.

Race starts tomorrow at 8:30.  Since we stayed in the Indiana side of the Ohio River, we do have to get up a little early to drive into town.  If you are running find me before and after the race by the large orange BibRave banner.  Would love to meet you! 



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