Product Review: Generation UCAN Bars

Disclaimer: I received a multi pack of the Generation UCAN snack bars to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

One of the most difficult thing for me, as a runner, is finding good fuel to use before a run, during a run, and post run.  It has to settle well in my stomach, no long lasting aftertaste, has to provide lasting energy, and of course it has to taste good.  Hard to find all of these in one product.  This is why I typically just don’t eat anything before and during my training runs. 

I was pumped up to be given the opportunity to try out the Generation UCAN bars. If you remember back to earlier this spring, I tried out the UCAN Super Starch Drink Mix which I liked and felt like I received good energy so my expectations for the bars were high.  

The bars, just as the drink mix, are powered by Superstarch.  Superstarch is a natural, slow-releasing carb that keeps blood sugar stable and delivers steady energy to your body.  Instead of calling them protein bars, UCAN prefers to call them “steady energy bars.” 

I received my sample pack in the mail.  There are a few flavors offered.  I received Cinnamon Swirl, Peach, and Chocolate.  Other Pros received a coffee flavor (I can’t stand coffee so I am glad I did not recieve that flavor.).  First thing I noticed was that these bars are not all that big. Easily fits in the palm of my hand. While they are smaller in size, they have 4-6 grams of protein (depending on the flavor) and  around 180 calories. 

I tried the bars before my morning runs and as a mid afternoon snack while at work and these are my thoughts: 


  • They are very convient to just grab and go in a hurry 
  • Also very easy to carry on a run. Will fit easily in whatever way that you carry your nutrition on your runs. 
  • Provide great, long term energy.  During my long run especially, I felt very energized and no hunger. 
  • Good selection of flavors. 
  • I really liked the Cinnamon Swirl bar.  This was my favorite because of the lack of chalkiness compared to the other flavors.  Plus I love cinnamon.   
  • No long aftertaste 
  • No indigestion problems 


  • My main dislike of these bars are the texture.  The chocolate and peach flavors both smell very good but was disappointed in how chalky they were.  I had to take smaller bites to eat it. Texture is a big issue in this product for me but this is also all preference.  To me, its similar to other bars that I have tried in the past.  I just want to see a bar that is easy to eat and not chalky. 
  • Would not suggest taking the chocolate flavor on a long run, especially on a warmer day. Mine did melt.  The other flavors don’t melt. ​

I do believe that the Superstarch is great to fuel up for your daily run or just to get through the day. But for me, I would go with the Superstarch Drink Mix over the bars, although the bars are a good option if you are on the go and don’t have access to the mix or water.  

A lot of what I stated in this review is personsal preference.  Find out what other Pros have to say about Gen UCAN Bars- GinaAngieJessica

To try Generation UCAN Bars for yourself, use promo code BIBRAVE to save 15% on your order! 


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