Urban Bourbon Bling!

Ever wonder what does into creating a great finishers medal? Urban Bourbon gave us an inside look into what goes into creating their medals today on social media. I have never seen a race put their own finishing touches on their medals the way that Urban Bourbon does. 

Each medal is in the shape of a bourbon bottle, in this case, an Evan Williams bottle of bourbon.they then take each medal and dip in in white wax as you would see when you purchase a bottle. You can visit the dipping in action Here

Then they are left to dry.  

After they are dry, staff also drilled a hole in each one of them, and place lanyards on each one.  According to race director Michael Clemons, 5 staff members and Urbon Bourbonites got about three quarters of the way through of the 3500 medals today and will continue to finish tomorrow.  Want to see the finished product? 

Pretty sweet aren’t they??? As Michael stated to me in an email this afternoon, “It’s definitely a labor of love! There aren’t many (if any) races that can say their staff have individually handled each medal multiple times.” I have to agree. While the medals were not hand crafted by them personally, the extra touch created by the race really makes the medal look great! 

There is still time to join in on the fun on this years Urban Bourbon Half Marathon. Remember, use promo code BourbonRave2016 to save 10% on your registration fee. Register Here

To read more about the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon check out my blog post on what to expect race weekend.  Also check out last weekends BibRave Podcast featuring race director Michael Clemons.  

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