Logan’s Run Race Review

Dispite my absolute dislike for Notre Dame and their obnoxious fan base, I have to say, it’s probably the second most beautiful campus in Indiana (Behind Indiana Universiry).  The Logan’s Run is held on the first Saturday in August every year.  This is a pretty large local race, but the first time I have ever ran it.  I am not sure why I waited so long to run it, but had heard great things about it. 

Packet pick up was available at the Logan Center from 4:00 until 8:00 the night before in South Bend or at the start/finish area on race morning until 7:45.  With the race starting at 9:00, I didn’t want to go too early race morning so I choose to pick up our packets on Friday on my way home from work.  Packet pick up was easy.  You either get your number off an email sent to you earlier in the week or their was a bulletin board with everyone’s number.  After that, you just go to the first table, get your bib and then move to the second table to get your shirt. 

There was also a few vendors including Fleet Feet.  Other than Fleet Feet, nothing else interested me. A word of advice, Logan’s Run sits on a busy street and with packet pickup starting at 4:00, traffic is starting to get heavy with people going home from work.  Leaving the expo is more difficult than coming in.  

The morning of the race, we left home around 7:30.  It’s about a half an hour drive to Notre Dame from home.  Tina and I were the only 2 in the family running but we brought the kids because we heard that there are activities for kids and my coach, Jake Gillette volunteered to watch them (along with his 2 kids) while Tina and I, as well as his wife Laura ran in the 10k. More on the kids activites later.  The morning events start at 8:15 with the 1 mile walk.  This is strictly a walk, no running.  Kind of disappointing for families like ours whose kids like to run but the 1 mile walk is more for those who utilize the services at the Logan’s Center. 

The 10k followed the 1 mile walk by starting at 9:00.  For the 10k, I was able to run with Chad Ganger who I had not seen since the Sunburst Half Marathon.  There were some others that I have ran close with in other local races such as Todd Hoffer and Laura Gellette. As we lined up, I could tell that we were all back further than we should have been but it was a good way to control the opening mile and not go out too hard.

The gun went off and we were off and running.  Like I said, the runners ahead of me slowed me at the start, but that was good.  First mile I wasn’t feeling too bad.  The first half mile was on the roads, while the second half mile was on a very wide bike path.  It was about as wide as a single lane on the road so plenty of room. The first mile was in 6:12.  This is just a couple seconds faster at the pace I was hoping for.  

Photo taken by Shelly Ganger

The second mile continue along the bike path around the perimeter of the Notre Dame Campus. The first mile I completed along side of Chad. I don’t think either of us were feeling to confident. I am not sure why, but my upper body felt tight and I was not running lose at all. For the time being, I separated my self from Chad. Mile 2 took runners onto Notre Dames Campus beside the football practice facility. Mile 2 was completed in 6:24. Not good.

Mile 3 you ran along the baseball field, back out to the bike path along the perimeter of the campus. The bike path continued along side the softball stadium, track, and ice hockey arena.  The third mile was run in 6:38 and in this mile, Chad had passed me back.  Things for me are not going well. 

Mile 4 took you up and down the sidewalks around Notre Dame Ave towards the famous Golden Dome. You can’t really see the Dome because of the trees.  Maybe if the race was on the roads you could.  On the 4th mile, I was passed by Todd and Laura.  Things are not looking good, not because of being passed, but my body just won’t go.  4th mile was in 6:43, my slowest mile of the race.  

You may remember from the B Strong race (a week earlier), a high school kid would put on a surge every time I got Edie to pass him. Well, I found another guy, this time an adult who did the same thing.  Dang it, I was not in the mood for this crap again. This started right after the third mile and continued until right before the 5th mile. 

Mile 5 went along the Notre Dame golf course, which is also the cross country course (is there really a better use for a golf course?) and then along the crushed limestone path around one of Notre Dames small lakes.  Some hate this part, but I don’t mind it.  It’s where I was able to catch back up with Chad and caught up with Laura. As Chad and I were running together, neither of us were too happy with how we were running.  Both of us were realizing that our pace was now at our marathon goal pace. I was able to pick up the pace on mile 5 and ran a 6:39. I was also able to get around the guy who continued to put surges on me.Like I said, I caught up with Laura, this must have put a charge in her because then she put a surge in.  After I kept trying to pass the guy in the white singlet for a while, this was unwelcomed to me.  Well, I never really got in a position to pass her after that.  The last mile featured the only uphill on the course. The roads led back to the finish line.  Mile 6 was run in 6:40.  

Photo taken by Shelly Ganger
I didn’t really have any kind of kick left. I finished with a time of 39:43, a 6:33 pace yuck.  Dispite the awful time, I did manage to win my division.  
Review of the race

This is a very well organized race. This year, everything went smoothly I thought.  I have heard in years past that the race has started late because of race day registration, but that was not an issue this year at all.  Maybe that’s because of race day registration ending at 7:45.  

The course itself is mostly flat with the only noticeable uphill being at the beginning of mile 6.  While course does use a lot of bike paths, the bike paths are wide and it’s very easy to pass slower runners.  I am sure a lot of runners were happy as they were passing me.  

All runners were given a finishers medal. The front is generic, but the back does have a small plate on the back with the race logo and date of the race on it.    I am not a fan of 5k and 10k finishers medals do I do t believe that this is needed for this race. 

Following the race, there was ice cold bottled water waiting for you.  Also, every participant had a tear off on the bottom of their bib.  This got you a free pancake and sausage breakfast following the race.

Also, this is an event to bring the whole family, not just the runners. For the kids, they had bounce houses, large slides, train rides, games, face painting and more. It was like a small kids carnival.  All of this was for free!

Awards were held after all participants had finished.  Overall winners received a large duffle bag and gift certificate (I think to Addidas).  Winners in the age group received a large Addidas backpack, second received a nice Addidas drawstring bag, third received several pairs of Addidas socks.  Before the race, I was thinking, don’t get third.  I have enough socks.  Luckily, I came away with first in my division despite the poor race I ran, and received a nice backpack that I needed for work.  

For the first time that I ran Logan’s Run, I was impressed by their organization and just how well they conducted the race.  Everything went smooth and the added food and other activites for kids was a great added bonus.  Look forward to coming back sometime in the future.

What’s Next For Me:

I am without any races until September 11, when I will run in the Volition Run Half Marathon. I would love to have you join me in Chicago. Use promo code BibRave to save 15% on registration!
On October 1, I will be running the inaugural Fort 4 Fitness Marathon. This is not the first year of the Fort4 Fitness races, just the first time of having a marathon. 
Later on this fall, on October 22, is the Urban Bourbon Marathon in Louisville, KY. Use promo code BourbonRave2016 to save 10% on registration!
On November 5th, I will be running the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis for the 4th consecutive year. 
For more race or product discounts, visit my Discount page.

Will you be running any of these events? Let me know and I will be looking for you out there.

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