10 Reasons Why I Train Run Alone (and Why I Wish I Had a Running Group/Partner)

The way I see it, there are two kinds of runners out there, specially when it comes to how they train: do you run alone or in groups/with a partner?  I run alone.  Part of that is what I feel works best for me and part of that is its the only way it works for me.  I have come up with my list of reasons why I choose/forced to run alone. 

  1. It’s my alone time: It is my time to be by myself.  I like being around others, but some quiet time alone is always much appreciated.  Running gives me the time to do my own thing.  
  2. I can pick up the pace: I like being able to run as fast as I desire or need to without feeling guilty of possibly leaving my running partner behind. 
  3. I can slow down: sometimes a run or workout just doesn’t go my way.  I can slow down without feeling that I am holding my running partner back.
  4. I run real early in the morning: I mean real early, like 3:00-4:00AM. Who really wants to join me? The great thing about not having a running partner this early is that I am not left wondering before running if he is going to show up.
  5. Choice of listening to music or not too: sometimes I like listening to music, sometimes I don’t.  I don’t have to worry about being rude to my running partner abs shutting him out with the music in my ears
  6. I can pass gas with no judgement:  let’s face it, running does things to our system while running.  It happens.  While running alone, you can just let it go.
  7. Freedom to choose my route: if I want to add some hills, I can.  If I want to keep it on flat roads, I just go for it.  I get to choose and just do it. 
  8. Some workouts just don’t work in groups: hitting speed intervals can be tough in groups especially if aiming for different paces.  And if you are aiming for different paces, what’s the point in a partner? 
  9. Is my partner even training for the same distance as I am?: is he aiming for a shorter race? If so, the last thing I want to do is finish with him and then have to continue to get my miles in.  Temptation would be just to cut my run short. 
  10. Builds mental strength: you never know in a race if you will be running alone or not.  I have found that running alone gets you ready for late in the race when you are possibly alone.  It really helps push you to the finish. 

While running alone is my preferred method of running, there are times and reasons when I wish I did have a running partner. 

  1. It does get boring sometimes
  2. At times I could use someone to push me
  3. Conversation to keep my mind off of what my body is telling me
  4. Motivation
  5. Just not feeling like I am doing it alone

So, which do you prefer, running alone, or in a group/with a partner? Leave w comment and let me know your thoughts. 


3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Train Run Alone (and Why I Wish I Had a Running Group/Partner)

  1. Wow! I thought my running time of 4:30-5:00 was early. Good for you!! 90% of my runs are in a group. But I do like the solo miles too! I usually get the last mile or so to myself.


  2. I don’t run as early as you do, but I almost always run solo and for most of the same reasons.

    I branched out this summer and joined a trail running group to try something different. I struggled at times with the loss of control over my route or pace, but had two-four people that I could run with consistently and came to really enjoy settling into a pace with someone else and having conversations. I didn’t have anything I was specifically training for, so it was easier to let go a bit.

    I went back to running solo a week ago, and it was harder than I thought it would be to adjust back to solo running. I like the ability to leave when I want, run as far as I need, etc., but I do miss the conversations and having someone else to push me.


  3. I prefer to run alone for all of the same reasons as you. I like my alone time and if I need to have conversation, I have it in my head. I recently moved from Chicago (where groups were abundant and I coached a large program myself so I was forced to run in a group once or twice a week). Now we are in Northern Michigan and in a very small town. Seeing a runner up here is a shocker, so the group option isn’t one for us. But I still would choose the alone time for every reason you mentioned.


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