Race Review: Courthouse Classic 5k

This post is a little delayed due to the a rough week at work (and not taking a lunch break, which is when I typically do my blog posts) followed by three nights of peewee baseball playoffs (still surprised Chloe’s team advanced to the semi-finals). But, better late than never. 

The Courthouse classic was held last Saturday (June 25th).  The race was held a week later than it has in the past (typically Father’s Day weekend).  Unfortunately for our family, that meant that Emma could not run as she has in years past with her being at her moms.  It’s really too bad for her because she would have ran the 5k and probably would have placed in the top 3 in her division, maybe even win.  Maybe next year.

Chloe was able to come along and run in the kids 1 mile run.  With our busy schedule, we have not really been able to get either girl out for just some short runs this summer during the week, so it’s been a little struggle for Chloe this summer at these mile runs.   

Chloe did fairly well in this mile, she did walk a little, but did alright for herself. She finished in a time of 11:52. Not her fastest time, but better than she has ran recently.  

The 5k began at 9:00 and the temps were starting to build as was the humidity. The game plan was 5:50 miles and to stick with another local runner, Mark Furkis.  Something to note about Mark Furkis, he is a stud! If I can be anywhere near as strong of a runner when I turn 60 (his age) as he is now, I will be well pleased.  

The race started right after the courthouse bells rang at 9:00 and then the gun.  I really tried to relax at the start, even letting Mark get away a little bit and find my pace. The pace was going well with a mostly a slight downhill first mile. Mile pace was 5:51 for the first mile.  Mile 2 brought on more of the hills and about four tenths a of a mile into the second mile was a turn around to head back into town.  At this point, we were out in the country.  The combination of hills, turn around and slightly warm morning slowed me up.  Second mile was A 6:08.  I was still right on Mark’s shoulder.

Mile 3 in this race is a make or break mile.  Right after the second mile, the course turns away briefly from the out and back course.  It’s almost like they purposely did so to find another hill to put on the course.  It’s not a big hill, but more of s steeped hill on a slight turn.  It’s kind of awkward.  Mark started to break away from me at this point and widened his lead as the race continued. The third mile was my slowest at 6:22.

With about a quarter mile to go, I started to try to kick it in to see if I couldn’t catch Mark as he was still the next runner ahead of me.  I think I was making up some ground but then with about a tenth of a mile left, Mark picked it up and that was all I could do. I finished in a time of 18:51 (11th overall).  That is the slowest I remember running at this race but was still able to take first place in my age division (my time in the 30-34 age division is coming to an end quickly).

Reviewing the race itself

The Courthouse Classic is always a great race and a unique small town race.  The first unique feature you will notice is that in your race packet is a bunch of random groceries.  The groceries are provided by the local store who is one of the main sponsors.  

We will be able to use all of this stuff in our home for sure.  The kids race packets had coloring books, crayons and other activities.  

The shirts (see picture with my age division award) are cotton.  For the price, I can’t complain but still prefer tech.  Not really a big fan of the color.

The awards are nice but generic.  The trophy at the bottom does say Courthouse Classic on it but doesn’t have the year or place on it. 

The course is well marked and volunteers along the way to make sure you don’t miss a turn.  It’s a challenging course but if you run it smart, you can run a fast time. 

Post race food is fantastic.  You got your normal post race bananas.  You also get some subway sandwiches, chips, bottled water, and Gatoraid.  What makes this even more unique is the grilled suasages. You can get plain or with cheese inside.  

Really I don’t have anything to complain about this race, other than maybe moving it back to Father’s Day weekend. That’s just a personal preference.  

What’s Next?

On the 4th of July, I will be running in the Flotilla race in Syracuse, IN.  I will be running in the 8 mile event (kind of an odd race distance).  After that is the Parade 5000 at the Elkhart County 4H Fair on July 24th.  


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