Preview: Sunburst Half Marathon and North Shore Classic Half Marathon (June 4th and 5th)

Because 2 full marathons in one weekend at the beginning of May wasn’t enough, lets do 2 half marathons in a weekend.  The logistics of the 2 half marathons are different than they were for the marathons.  First off, unlike the Mitten Challenge (Wisconsin Marathon and the Kalamazoo Marathon), the two half marathons I will be running don’t form a “challenge.”  This is just something I came up with.  Second, no hotel stays.  I get to sleep in my own bed.  Yay!!!

First up, the Sunburst Half Marathon.  This is really an event over the last few years that I have loved to hate. I think it’s over exaggerated on how good of a race it is.  But probably what brings me back year after year is that it is always a club race for our local running club, so points are on the line (plus all members of the running club were offered w nice discount to the race, I won’t say how much of a discount, but in was more than the membership dues to the running club). 

The one thing I hate about Sunburst is that it always seems to be hot and the half marathon distance in years past has always been one of the last races to start. Sunburst offers a full marathon, half marathon, 10k and 5k.  This year, under a new race director, they moved the half marathon start time to 6:00AM.  Love this change already.  Should offer for a cooler race.  It will be interesting to see how the change helps or hurts everyone and if it will stay for following years.

Sunday’s race will be the North Shore Classic in Highland Park, IL.  I will be waking up early, and drive to Highland Park, IL.  Thank goodness for the hour I gain by crossing into Central Time Zone. This will be a race of firsts for me: first time running the North Shore Classic and the first time running a race representing BibRave.  This also means that I will get to meet some other BibRave Pros (sorry Lisa, I am not sure I can count the 3 seconds we saw each other at the Wisconsin Marathon as “meeting” but will see you on Sunday).  Besides Lisa, I will be joined by Frank and Heather as well.  

As far as the course goes, I don’t really know much since I don’t have any experience on the course. Looking at the map though, the course mainly runs north and south with no out and backs.  Also for parts of the race, it looks like the course will run near the Lake Michigan lake shore.  The race is put on by RAM racing, they very same group who puts on events such as The Hot Chocolate Run.

If you would like to join me at the North Shore Classic, it’s not too late to register.  Use promo code BibRaveNS for some additional swag. 

As far as I am going to attack these two races, I would like to run Sunburst close to the time I ran it last year, 1:25:04. Not a blazing time for myself, but I have still not completely recovered from the Mitten Challenge less than 4 weeks ago.  For the North Shore Classic, basically I will take what I can get. I would love to get under a 1:28 but we will see.  To do that, I will have to make sure that I go out easy and build up the speed as the race goes on. I have also been dealing with a lot of sinus issues over the last week that seem to be going away.  Hopefully they continue to improve over the week. 

The weather is actually looking great for the first weekend in June.  Saturday morning looks like temps could be in the mid 50s and overcast.  Sunday looks about the same. Both days there could be some issues with the wind but only 10-15mph it looks like.  

One of my main aye of preparing this week will be by hydrating.  If you see me in public, you will probably see a water bottle in my hand. 

If you see me at either event before or after the race, please come say hi, especially if we have not yet met in person.  Great to put face with Twitter handles. 


One thought on “Preview: Sunburst Half Marathon and North Shore Classic Half Marathon (June 4th and 5th)

  1. Man props for the brutal schedule, four weeks is enough for one marathon but you ran two, and now you have double halts. Definitely beast mode lol.


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