Orange Mud HydraQuiver: Changing the Way I Hydrate

Disclaimer: I received a Orange Mud HydraQuiver to review as a part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learm more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.comto review and write race reviews!

With distance running, hydration is key.  No matter the weather, rather it be cold or hot, making sure that you keep your self hydrated is key for any run.  up until I got the Orange Mud HydraQuiver, I had been using a basic hydration belt.  For various reasons I did not like the belt all that much, but due to the fact that I needed to keep fluids in me during the long runs as well as the fact that I do not drink Gatorade (The common sports drink during most marathons), I carry my own fluids during marathons.  When given the opportunity to test out the HydraQuiver, I jumped at the chance to do so.The Orange Mud HydraQuiver is basically a back pack that allows you to carry your hydration fluid of choice as well as so much more.  The HydraQuiver comes with also a 25 oz bottle as well, that fits very snug in the HydraQuiver.  The bottle is BPA free.


So how do you put it on?  Here is a great video that demonstrates just how easy it is:

One of the really nice features in the HydraQuiver is the large zipper pocket that is positioned between your back and the bottle.  Inside, you can fit your phone (about any size smart phone will fit in this pocket, even the iPhone 6+), it has a clasp inside to hold your keys, or just to hold extra gels or other snack items.  There is also a place to stick your head phone cord through so that you can listen to music, if you do not have wireless headphones.

Located on the shoulders are two spandex pockets that expand to be large enough to carry 2-3 gels in each or if you like to have your cell phone more accessible, your smaller smart phones will fit in this pocket as well. I primarily use these pockets to hold my gels. I keep my phone in the large back pocket.   The pockets are help shut by a Velcro strap and it is real easy to open, get what you need, and close back up.

I really like the HydraQuiver over the traditional hydration belts for a couple of reasons. one is that it to reach back over your shoulder for the bottle, feels more natural to reach for a small bottle located at your lower back, and it is easy to get the bottle out of the holster and putting it back. Also, there is no discomfort of having extra weight resting on your hips. It allows for a more natural motions. You are able to carry more in the HydraQuiver than you are with a traditional hydration belt. And lastly, it feels lighter to carry your hydration in middle of your upper back than on your hips.The HydraQuiver is also easy to adjust to fit you comfortably.  All you have to do is put it on, and tighten the straps to fit your need.  Any body type can wear this and feel comfortable doing so.

Lastly, my biggest concern was chafing.  I did a few training runs wearing the HydraQuiver while wearing a singlet to test the straps out since this would be when the straps would be touching bare skin.  During the training runs, I felt no irritation.  The big test came during the Carmel Marathon where it was warmer and more risk of irritation.  There was absolutely no chafing.

I think I would have only two suggestions on things I would like to see different. The first is, there is a reflective strip on the back for those of use who run at night. I would like to see some reflective areas on the front straps to make runners more visible to oncoming traffic. The other suggestion is with the bottle; I would prefer to see the bottle have an easy flow system instead of the type where you have to pull the spout open.

But the Orange Mud HydraQuiver has changed the way that I do hydration during my runs.  I love the HydraQuiver and will continue to use it on future runs for sure.


6 thoughts on “Orange Mud HydraQuiver: Changing the Way I Hydrate

  1. I have had an Orange Mud HydraQuiver for a long time! I love it so much…I do call it a jet pack because of how it looks but I have never loved a hydration system more than this one. It took time to get used to the sloshing sound though! 🙂

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