BibRave Pro Product Review: Merino Wool Bigf

The Merino Wool Buff is the second Buff product that I have been fortunate to try, the first was the Thermal Buff Hoodie. The Thermal Hoodie proved to be great for the bitter cold winter months that we had earlier this winter. However, it proved to be too warm as the temperatures have started to rise. So the Merino Wool Buff arrived just in time a few weeks ago.   

Disclaimer: I received the Merino Wool Buff as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro(ambassador), and Check out to review, find, and write race reviews! 

 The Merino Wool Buff is made of 100% merino wool, is advertised as odor resistant, uv protected, and moisture wicking. Also, like a regular Buff, it is very multifunctional. The Merino Wool Buff is ideal for temperatures between 32 and 68 degrees. Worn right, I find that it can be worn comfortably in temperatures as low as 15 degrees for myself.  

I choose the color Cugnot. I wish I went with the black but this is also more of a neutral color so I can’t complain too much.  

As I mentioned before, the Merino Wool Buff is very multifunctional. There are a couple ways that I particularly like more than some others. My favorite is the cap, and it’s very easy to transform the Merino Wool Buff into a cap. Simply just take one end and place it over the top of your head and twist the other end around 1-2 times as so:   

 Then simply just pull down the top half over your head which then provided a double layer of Merino Wool protection from the cooler temperatures.    


    Wearing it as a cap is how I felt comfortable wearing the Merino Wool Bluff in temperatures as low as 15 degrees. 
So what about on days that aren’t so cold or you are out running and you start to get too warm with the cap but need some sort of covering over your head? I would then recommend the Pirate. The pirate is simple enough that I was able to go from cap to pirate on my morning run today without stopping. Simply put your arms completely through both ends of the buff grabbing the opposite end as so:     

 Then simply just pull both ends creating a knot in or near the middle of the Buff:    

 Then just take one end and lose not tighten up as needed    

 Then just simply slip it onto your head.       

There are several other ways of wearing the Merino Wool Buff. Neckerchief to keep your neck warm   







And Balaclava    

Some of the female BibRave Pros have used it as a headband to keep the hair out of their faces. Obviously, I don’t have enough hair to worry about this or demonstrate. 

I have been wearing the Merino Wool Buff in just about every run over the past few weeks and this has become a must have accessory for my running gear. It has worked as advertised. 

As far as caring for this Buff (cleaning), in the instructions, it does say to hand was only. Honestly, I didn’t read the instructions until I sent it through the washer and dryer a few times. There was no damage done to the Buff because of this.  


  • No itch
  • No movement but also not too tight
  • Light weight
  • A lot of color options


  • Really only one and it is s minor one, I do notice some odor after a run, but it really isn’t as bad as other headwear. 

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