Product Review: Luvo Frozen Meals

Disclaimer: I received Luvo Frozen Meals to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! 

 Who has ever ate one of those old fashion frozen dinners that came on a paper plate covered in clear plastic? You punched holes with a fork into the plastic sheet to allow the steam out.  Usually they came with a main dish such as  salisbury steak or some kind of  burrito with a side item or two.  Maybe a vegetable or ma and cheese.  

 Looked something like this.  As a kid, we had them sometimes, usually when things were busy and needed something that didn’t require much prep work. Although easy to make, they were far from healthy. 

Well, Luvo meals are nothing like these old frozen meals. I received a cooler of 5 meals in the mail last week to try, 2 of which are for breakfast (Farmers Market Frittata, and Steel Cut Oats) and 3 meals for lunch or dinner (Orange Mango Chicken, Red Wine Braised Beef & Polenta, and Chicken Chille Verde).

First of all, there are two ways to prepare these meals.  There is the microwave (which is the recommended way) or in the oven.  By microwave, the meals take between 5-7 minutes to heat up.  By oven, it could take over 30 minutes.  I did not try to prepare these meals in the oven, the microwave worked great! 

Heating these meals up in the microwave is real easy.  Just open the box take out the pouch:

Put the bag into the microwave.  Unlike those old frozen meals, don’t poke any holes in the bag. 

After the meals have been heated for the appropriate time, let sit for a minute to allow the flavors to seal in.  Then just cut off the edge of the bag and empty contents on a plate or in a bowel. 

These meals are so easy and so healthy.  For those who are looking for a quick and easy with little prep, these meals are for you.  Click here to see where Luvo meals are available. Meals in store are prices under $5.00. Also, there is a wide varieties of meals.  Click here to view the products they have available. Look over the products that they have and share with me what you would be interested in trying.  I highly recommend the Red Wine Brased Beef and the Orange Mango Chicken! 




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