Why I Don’t Go Streaking

Disclaimer:  this is all personal preference, do what you want and what your own body can handle.

 The worlds definition of streaking: Streaking is the act of running naked through a public place as a prank, a dare or an act of protest. It is often associated with sporting events but can occur in more secluded areas. It usually involves running quickly which also reflects the original meaning of the word before it became associated with nudity.

A runners definition of streaking: to run at least a certain number of miles (typically 1 mile) everyday for a lengthy time. 

I first have a confession to make, I once was a streaker.  Not the get naked and run out on the football field in front of a packed stadium kind of streaker ( I don’t usually try to do anything illegal), but rather a I ran 2 miles a day for over 2000 straight days. It started before my freshmen year (against my cross country coaches wishes) and continued into college. When I got a new distance coach my Sophmore year in high school for track, and then for cross country my junior year until I graduated, it was embraced more by him.  In the spring of 1999, March 18th to be exact, I reached 1000 days at track practice.  Coach arranged for my parents to be there, there was cake, and I got a shirt to remember the accomplishment. I remember my coach, Mark Milel, constantly asking during practice that day to my teammates, “have you ever done anything for 1000 straight days?” As time went on, the streak continued passed 2000 days. There was no celebration, I don’t think I even told anyone. Sometime later I ended the streak.  I don’t remember the date or how many days I had gone, I was just done.  Didn’t care any more.  I think at this time I also lost some of my passion for running. 

The shirt to mark the occasion. 

A lot of runners view streak running as a way of making sure that they stick with it.  I have come to see it as a way to start hating it.  If you are so cought up in just making sure you get 1 mile in a day, and not taking time to enjoy it, then what’s the point of running? Also I believe your body needs a rest day at least once a week. My body probably handled it for so long because I was young. I was in high school and could recover a lot quicker than what I can now.  There is no way I would even consider running every day for a month straight let alone for 1000 days straight. 


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