Over the last couple days, I have been struggling with how to recap the year that was in running.  I could have put in this post so many pictures from the year,but when I started that, I came up with about 100. Don’t worry, there are some pictures, just not 100. This post will focus on some achievements, what I got out of running this year and the people who I came along with me. At the end, I will also discuss my goals for 2016, and the training has already begun. 


 2015 was a year filled with no PR’s but it was still a decent year in running.  While really none of my big goals were met, I was able to run 3 BQ’s (one of which was in Boston, my first time running the Boston Marathon), ran 4 marathons, 3 half marathons, won a 5k and a 10k, finished on the podium at 4 other races, as well as other age group awards.  While all that is great, the main goal of setting a new PR in the marathon alluded me. Boston was probably my best chance, but my inexperience on the hills and the awful weather of the day just made that out of reach.  

  First experience in Boston was a rough one, but I want to go back so badly.  Maybe in a few years.   Don’t let the smile fool you, I was hurting at this point.
 The   Grand Lake Marathon might have been the worst I have ever felt in a Marathon.  I blame part of that on the uneven roads.
 Surisingly, I took first place in my age division (pay no attention to my spot on the podium, I must have believed I was third and thought there was no way I was first) and still managed a BQ (barely.  That goodness for the extra 5 minutes for going up an age group.

  Monumental, while not what I was hoping for, was a huge improvement over what I ran in Grand Lake 
 Veterans Marathon.  Not sure why I have the thumbs up as I finished because I felt like crap.  This race ended my streak of 6 BQ marathons in a row, but it was only one week after Monumental.

What I got out of 2015

While I did do the normal training and races, there was some new experiences and opportunities. First off, Tina and I took advantage of some opportunities to volunteer at a couple races.    

 The kids and I volunteered at a local 5k.  Mainly all we did was make sure no cars went onto the course, but the girls enjoyed it.  

  Tina and I volunteered at the Chicago Marathon in October at the Mile 5 aid station. 
  Tina even met a runner who would be running in the Monumental half marathon and they ran the first few miles together.   
   Tina and I plan to volunteer at the Chicago Marathon in 2016 again.  If you are interested in joining, we will probably be getting more info in August or September.  Would love to have more people join us.   

Tina and I also volunteered at our local Thanksgiving Day Run, The I’m Thankful Four.  If you have never volunteered at a race, I strongly suggest doing so.  It’s a great way to give back to the running community and races are impossible to run in without volunteers.

I have also been given the opportunity to become a Bibrave Pro.  Bibrave is a great website where runners can write reviews on races they have run in and also do their own research on races before registering.  This gives me the opportunity to run in some other races and try out new running products.  Also I am able to pass discount codes onto other runners.  

I also did have some opportunities to meet some of the more popular and influential people in running today.  

 2014 Boston Marathon Champion Meb Keflezighi.


Runners World editor Bart Yasso  

People who came along

Tina had a great year in running, taking in new challenges.  Her original plan was to run 2 half marathons this fall.  

  The first half marathon was to be at the Indy Womens Half.   
 Unfortunitly, thunderstorms rolled in at around mile 3.5 and the race black flagged.  First time I had ever seen a rave called off after it started. 

Tina did get her first half marathon in November at the Monumental Marathon. 

Tina also ran several other 5k and 10k races this year as well.  Also was nice to be able to do some traveling to the bigger races with Tina over the year.  

 Age Group Award at the Spud Run 5k 

 B.A.A. 5k

  After finishing the B.A.A. 5k
 At the Marathon Finish line in Boston.

The girls also got more into the running action this year, running some 1 mile, 2k,3k, and even 5k races.  

 Emma finishing up the 1 mile run at the Courthouse Classic

 Emma and Chloe starting out the Super Hero Run     
  Chloe finishing the Firemen’s one mile run  even Derek got into the running with running the Reith Runs (sandals and all).
 Chloe about to finish the Randy Miner Run

   The whole family took part in the Grand Lake events. 
 Chloe finishing the Santa Chase 5k.

2016 GOALS

The plan right now is 5 Marathons for 2016.  In order: Carmel Marathon, Wisconsin Marathon, Kalamazoo Marathon, Fort 4 Fitness Marathon, and Monumental Marathon.  The goal is to break 2:55 in the marathon and if that happens in Carmel, dare I say the goal would be 2:53 for one of the fall races? 

To everyone, have a great and healthy new year.  Let’s get out on the roads and attack it in 2016!

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