If Christmas Songs Were Written by Runners

Disclaimer:  this is not my original idea. I originally saw this idea from a Blog post from the Monumental Marathon.  I am just adding some of my ideas. 

The Christmas song title written by a runner is in bold, the original in parentheses.   

 Meb is Coming to town or Bart Yasso is Coming to Town or Shalane  Flanagan is Coming to Town. Really any running icon you wish to add. (Santa Clause is Coming to Town)

26.2 Miles of Marathon (12 Days of Christmas)

All I Want For Christmas is New Shoes (All I want for Christmas is You)

It’s Beginning To Look Like A Long Run (It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas)

All I Want for Christmas is a New BQ (All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth)

I’m Dreaming of a New PR (White Christmas)

Silver Bling (Silver Bells)

Your a Cheater, Rita Jepto (Mr. Grinch)

O Come All Ye Runners (O Come All Ye Faithful)

The First Mile (The First Noel)

Give me Gel, Give me Gel, Give me Gel (Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow)

A Marathon World (A Marshmallow World)

Water and Gels (Comfort and Joy)

I Heard My Alarm on Race Morning (I Heard the Bells on Christmas Morning)

‘Twas the Night Before Boston (Twas the Night Before Christmas) obviously not a song but it’s my list so I took the liberty of adding it. 

Merry Christmas Everyonr!


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