Christmas Stocking Stuffers

I admit, this is a post I planned on doing about 2 weeks ago.  Let’s face it.  We all get very busy with life and work, and things like this just slip to the back of your mind.  However, for those of you who procrastinated, here are some last minute gift ideas.   Most of theses items can be found at your favorite running store.  Also look out for a special promo code for 50% off one of the items on the list. Just to set the record straight, I am proud to say my Christmas shopping is complete.  What I got my wife for Christmas will remain a secret until after Christmas afternoon when we do our exchange, but sadly, she already has a good idea of what I got her.  For once I thought I had surprised her but apparently I asked her too many questions.  Anyways, here is my list.

1.Running gloves- depending on where you live will determine what style of running gloves you buy your favorite runner.  For me, I live these Nathan Convertable gloves. They are real warm and also have a cover added onto them that converts them into a mitten.   
 The cover does a great job of blocking the wind from hitting your fingers.

   The cover is also reflective.

 2. A hat or beanie– I am a fan of this Headsweat beanie.  The bottom half is thicker which keeps your ears warm while the top half is thinner, allowing more air movement and doesn’t allow your head to overheat.  I recommend this hat for those cooler runs, but if it drops below 20-25 degrees, wear something thicker.   

3. Energy gels- I like the CarbBoom energy gels. They are smoother and taste great.  However you can’t find them in stores around us, so we do have to order them.  Find whatever kind of gel or chew or preferred energy source is and stuff their stocking full of it. Believe me, they will go through it quickly.

4. Training log– some runners are still old fashion and prefer to track their mileage with paper and pen.  There are a lot of different training logs out there.  Just pick one out, they are typically the same.    

5. Sunglasses- even though it’s winter, runners like me, still want a great pair of sunglasses.  These are the XX2i glasses that I have been trying out (blog review coming soon). They are not as expensive as Oakley glasses and still very good quality.  You won’t be able to get these by Christmas any more I don’t think, but if you order from their website and use promo code “XX2iRocks” you get 50% off your order. Just put the email receipt in their stocking. 

6. Running Socks– what runner doesn’t want running socks? Truthfully, if I could get away with wearing them to work, I would wear running socks all day.  Look for deals on these right now.  Fleet Geet Sports in Mishawaka has but 3 pairs, get the 4th free right now.

7. Hydration bottle- There are hand held, backpacks, and hydration belts available. It all depends on preference. I prefer the belt. 

  8. Lights- make sure your runners is seen on those early or late runs. There are headlamps  
 Flashing strobe lights that clip onto clothing,

   Or hand held lights like these knuckle lights. I am a bigger fan of the knuckle lights than I thought I would be. 
9. Race registration- sign them is for that next big race of theirs.  While we are at it, the Sarah Strong Run has opened their registration (hint hint) Register here

There are my top suggestions.  For those of you still shopping, good luck. And Merry Christmas to everyone!


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