My Take on ‘Ask Miles’

Runners World runs a monthly column called “Ask Miles” where readers submit random questions, and “Miles” gives his thoughts.  Well, for some blog entires, I am going to take the questions Miles is asked and answer them myself before reading Miles answers.  Just something for fun, so please don’t take my answers too personally.  A lot of times there are no set answers. So from the November 2015 issue of Runners World, Question #1:

“I haven’t ran a marathon in a while.  How long can I keep my 26.2 mile bumper sticker on my car?” Jeff R. San Diego, CA

Answer: I believe that as long as you own your car, you are allowed to keep the sticker.  Once it comes time to buy a new vehicle and you have not ran a marathon in a few years (3 years or more), then it’s time to run another marathon or ditch the stickers.  I would encourage you to get ready for another marathon. 

On the other hand, some say once a marathon runner, always a marathon runner.  I guess I have done one 50k race, but have yet to do one in two years with no desire to run another right now. Maybe I should take that one off.  

Question 2: “If you find yourself in a porta-potty during the National Anthem, what should you do? It gets awfully quiet, so I feel awkward continuing to use the bathroom.” Caroline H. Flotsam Park, NJ

Answer:  First of all, I am a huge proponent of the National Anthem being played at any race. Also, I am a proponent of respecting the moment, stop stretching, stand still, hand over the heart, face the flag, and be quiet unless singing the national anthem. You can take a few moments out of your race preparation to respect your country.  

Now onto the real question.  If in a porta-potty and the National Anthem plays, by all means, stay in there.  Why? Nothing is more distracting than a slamming porta-potty door during the National Anthem.  Complete your business and exit after the Anthem is over and just call it unfortunite timing. I don’t think anyone will hear you do your business as usually the lines are a good 10 feet from the porta-potty doors. 
Check out the November 2015 issue of Runners World for Miles’ answers.  What are your thoughts? 


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