Nathan Zephyr Fire 300

With the first day of fall being yesterday, day light hours are becoming less and less. And for runners, this means running more and more in the dark.  It’s time to start thinking safety while out on the run.  Today, I will be reviewing the Nathan Zephyr Fire 300 Runner’s Flashlight.  This product comes from Fleet Feet Sports of Mishawaka where they have a large selection of equipment to keep you visible and safe.

Admittedly, I was hesitant on this one.  As you can see, it is a hand held light, and I am not a fan of carrying items over a long period of time. Also when I am running with a flashlight, my arm motion basically just send the light all over the place other than at the ground by my feet.

Some of nice things about this light though. 1. It is lite weight.  2. It has a strap that you put around your hand so you don’t have to hold it as tight.  

3. There are 4 light settings on it as well as a flashing red light on the opposite end so cars from behind will notice you as well. Also, there is also an emergency siren on it as well.

4. The 24 degree angle keeps the light on the ground.

5. It comes with a USB charging cable. The charge life is 5-12 hours depending on what setting of light you use. 

A pro and a con for me is that to turn it on, you have to hold the power button for a couple of seconds before it turns on. Pro: my 2 year old son has yet to figure this out so he is less tempted to play with it and drain the battery.  He just thinks it’s broken.  Con: I don’t like to run with the light always on.  I turn it on only when there is a car coming, so you have to be ready to turn it on right away.  

Overall, it’s a very good flashlight for runners.  I will use this more on the shorter runs but probably won’t want to carry it on the longer runs. Make sure to hit up Fleey Feet Sports and take a look at all their safety products and make sure you are visible this winter to oncoming traffic. 


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