Brooks Ghost 8 Shoe Review

Disclaimer: this review is based only on a three mile run. These are all initial thoughts of mine. 

Last night I had the opportunity to try out another running shoe, the Brooks Ghost 8.  You would think with over 20 years of running experience, I would have worn a pair of Brooks shoes before. Not so much.     I had the option of wearing the Brooks Ghosts (road shoe) or the Brooks Cascadia (Trail shoe). Since I am not much of a trail runner, and prefer the roads, I went with the Ghosts. My wife likes the Ghosts because she likes the way the woman shoe works.  Not gonna lie, I do like the looks of the men’s shoe. 
 But let’s face it, you don’t buy a running shoe because you like how it looks. 

When talking with Brett from Fleet Feet Sports Mishawaka, he stated these shoes are his best seller. This shoe was also a Runners Workd Editor’s Choice. I don’t really have a hard time believing that after this run demo. The Ghost 8 is a neutral running shoe.  While running in this shoe, you could feel the cushioning but not too much cushioning.  Most definitely not as much as the Hoka’s I tried out last week.  The fit was great on these shoes, very comfortable.  Also, the upper part is now seamless so no rubbing or irritation.  The shoe weighs in at 10.3 oz, so not the lightest show on the market. It is also an ideal show for those with medium to high arches.  

The bottom of the sole has what Brooks calls “Flex Groves” which is to allow more flexibility.  In this demo run, the Ghost 8 felt very smooth while running. 

Bottom line is, if you prefer a neutral shoe that is comfortable, this is the shoe for you. These shoes run $120-130 but seem to be worth the price for a good stable shoe. 


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