Monumental Marathon Voting

Three weeks ago, Indianapolis Monumental Marathon asked runners to post pictures using the hashtag #IMMonumental on Instagram.  From those pictures, they would choose 5 finalist.  From those 5 finalists, the public would vote for their favorite and the winner will have their picture on the cover of the “Fan Pass” and receive entry into the 2016 Monumental Marathon.  

I figured, why not give it a shot and picked out the best picture I could find from the 2014 Monumental Marathon. This is what I chose: 

 Found out yesterday, that our photo was selected as one of the five finalist.  For being a finalist, we will receive a Monumental Prize Pack (I will share what that is later). 

But now I need everyone else’s help.  With voting being open a little  less than 24 hours, we are currently in 3rd place.  Please click Here and then choose the picture of Tina and I (seen above). You can vote 1 time every 24 hours per device, so feel free to vote early and often.  Voting remains open through September 7th. Thank you very much for your help and will update you with the results next week.  


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