Product Review: New Balance 860v5

Let’s start this off with a disclaimer: I tried out the New Balnce 860v5 at a product demo at the Fleet Feet Social Run last night.  The course for the run was a 5k course through the campus of Notre Dame. I point this out because it was just a short run, I am wearing a pair of shoes that have been worn by others, however it didn’t feel as if they had been worn too much. Also remember, everyone’s needs are different when it comes to running shoes.  What feels great to me, may not work for you.

  The New Balance 860v5 is a stability shoe and weighs 10.23 ounces, which makes them about 1 ounce heavier than what I am used to running in. I requested a size 9.5 (my normal shoe size), and they fit perfectly. 

  The shoe itself felt good while wearing them. I could feel the extra support that was provided by the shoe and a little extra in the insole by what New Balance calls Ortholite. So the cushion and support were there.  
  The one thing I wasn’t too crazy about, which maybe the shoes had not been run in much before I tried them on, was that they felt a little more stiff as I was running.  I wasn’t getting the same response when running that I get from the Mizunos that I am currently wearing or the Sauconys that I tried out for this run a month ago.  At the same time, my opinion could easily change if I was running in them over a span of a week or two, after they were broken in a little bit more.
While I am not as excited about this shoe as I am about my current shoes, I still consider it a nice shoe. They look great, not as bright as other running shoes, and they are really supportive. 

One thing to keep in mind with the New Balance 860v5, they are only available on the New Balance website or in specialty running stores. This weekend only at Fleet Feet Sports of Mishawaka, $3 of every pair of New Balance 860V5 and 880 shoe sold will be donated to Girls on the Run Michiana.  So if you are looking for a new pair of running shoes, see Brett and his staff, and they will get you set up with a shoe that is right for you. Also check out their wide selection of apparel.  I have my eye on this new item: 

Also at the social run was a Nike Sunglass representative.  I didn’t get to run with them (can’t say I blame him for not letting us run in them) but I really liked some of the new designs Nike has come out with as well.  Fleet Feet Sports in Mishawaka has a wide selection of Nike sunglasses as well.


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