Product Review: Carb Boom! Energy Gel

Over the years of running, I have tried a lot of energy gels or chews to give me the extra carbs that I need to complete a race or a long workout well.  I was even using Power Bar Energy Gels before cross country and track races in high school, looking back, probably wasn’t necessary for that short of a race. The issues that I have had with Power Bar and GU gels is their consistency.  Way too thick and hard to swallow while running.

Two of the three marathons (Grand Lake Marathon and Monumental Marathon)that I am running this fall have announced the gel provider for their races, and it was a gel that I have never heard of before, Carb Boom! Energy Gel.  Hesitant to try another gel, and tempted to stick with the Honey Stinger chews that I have tried to get used to, my wife ordered us both a box of different flavored of gels (thanks to a race promo code for buy one box get one box free).  

 What I like about the Carb Boom! gels is the consistency is not as thick as other gels and there is no aftertaste.  Don’t get me wrong, they taste great, but who wants to have the taste stay in your mouth? The gels are made with real fruit concentrates and purées. There are also no added sugars, coloring, and no artificial flavors as well.  

The two flavors that I have tried so far on my long runs are the vanilla orange and the apple cinnamon. The apple cinnamon tastes like apple pie (just give me some ice cream and there couldn’t be anything better), and the vanilla orange tastes like an orange creamsicle. Tina has also tried to strawberry kiwi but was not a big fan of the taste. As you can see on the back of the packaging above, it recommends 220-330 calories to be consumed per hour of activity. So you should take 2-3 packs per hour.  I have not tried that much yet, the max I have done is 1 per hour and it did give me the energy I needed on my long runs.  I will try 2 per hour on my next long run however.  As I said earlier, I like the consistency of this gel, just a little swig of water and it’s easy to swallow. 

I would recommend checking out the Carb Boom website and giving them a try. They are also the official energy provider of USA Triathlon. 


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