Product Review: The Garmin Forerunner 620

On January 1st, my wife purchased a new Garmin Forerunner 620 for me while I was at a race (ironically, I could have used it at that race because I left my old Garmin at home) at Fleet Feet Sports in Mishawaka.  This is the second Garmin I have owned (first was the Forerunner 310XT) and I really like this one.  

 Some of the advantages to the 620 are that it is smaller and not as heavy on the wrist.? Really, it’s about the same weight if not lighter than a normal watch. It is also a watch that I could wear throughout the day.  Where as the 310XT was very large and did not have a screen option on it to function as a normal everyday watch.

Other pros: 

-longer battery life (I can usually do 2-3 runs with the new Garmin between charges, depending on how long the runs are). If you shut the watch down between runs, you can obviously get a longer battery life between charges.

-wifi and Bluetooth capable, which means, you don’t need to hook up your Garmin to computer after every run to download your runs on Garmin Connect.

-the 620 is very easy to charge.  


-there are various screen options to choose from.  You can set it up to show as many as 4 readings including, total distance run, timer, lap pace, laps (miles typically), lap distance, heart rate, heart rate zone, average pace, average heart rate, and time of day.  Here are some examples from a run I did: 



-measures distance accurately. 

-you can set the Garmin up to beep and vibrate when you reach the desired distance. So for me, it alerts me when I complete every mile on a run. 


-Part of me wishes I waited for the latest Garmin model that has a hear rate monitor in the watch, without a chest strap.  You do have the option with the 620 of purchasing a chest strap however, which I use on all speed workouts.  

-1 or 2 times I had the Garmin 620 restart on me during my workouts, but that’s technology for you. 

I like this watch, like I said, I sometimes wish I waited for the 225. But that would have been at least 6 months down the road and I am not sure my 310XT was going to make it. 


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