Product Review: New Balance Ice Singlet and New Balance Impact Shorts

  Todays product review is a 2 for 1 thanks to Fleet Feet Sports of Mishawaka.  I will be reviewing the new line of New Balance Ice singlet and New Balance Impact shorts. New Balance clothing is not very present in my running gear lately so I was excited to take these out running. I wore both the shorts and singlet on a couple different types of runs; easy run, speed work, and a long run (22 miles).

New Balance Ice Singlet 


The singlet is made of 100% polyester.  New Balance boasts about this singlet keeping you cool with the NB ICE technology. NB ICE is described as a “remarkable technology that is sweat activated to help keep you cool and dry when things heat up.” The singlet also provides UV protection (UPF+ 30), quick dry properties and Oder resistance (no more smelly bathrooms after your run). 

The first thing I noticed about the singlet was that it was very lightweight. It is lighter than the singlets that I am used to wearing.  When trying it on for the first time, it fit true to size.  Not loose at all but not too tight either.

When running in the singlet, it does not move, the straps stay put on your shoulders instead of bouncing all over the place.  Also, you do stay very cool in this while running. 

There are also reflective areas on left upper chest (NB logo), as well as two small sections on the side and a strip down the back.  If you run at night or early morning, I would still recommend a reflective vest or light of some kind. 

As for the odor management and fast drying material, it actually works very well.  About an hour after my run this morning, I went and checked on my singlet, which was drying over the edge of the bath tub after my early morning speed workout in warm and humid conditions. I did not smell any odor coming from the singlet and it was dry.  May not seem like a big deal for a everyday training run, but for after a race where you have to drive home, it will not stink up your car. 

New Balance Impact 3 inch Split Shorts


What I like about the short, is of course they are bright, and you are easily seen.  But also, I like the 3 inch split seem on the legs (don’t worry, doesn’t show too much leg). I like the split because it gives my legs a little bit more room to move. 

The shorts are made of 86% Polyester and 14% spandex. They also made of a moisture wicking fabric which is supposed help them dry faster.  Also in these shorts is 2 side fuel pockets for your gels or your fuel of choice. 

 Energy gels in side/back pockets

My main worry about the pockets was that the gels would bounce around and annoy me.  I put the gels in my pockets this morning during my speed workout (no intention on using the gels, just wondering how it would feel while running). To my surprise, they did not bounce or ever feel like they were going to fall out. For those of you who are thinking this would be a good way of carrying my phone, I would not recommend it.  The pocket is not that deep or wide enough for your smart phone.  

The sorts do not dry as fast as the singlet, but also realize that all the sweat on your upper body is dripping down and pooling up at the waist  band of your shorts. Like the singlet, I really like the shorts, very comfortable to run in and lightweight. 

The singlet and shorts are starting to make me reconsider my race day attire and you will probably see me wearing these at a local race in the near future.

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