( This was originally posted in my old blog a year ago.  I have made a few updates)

We have all seen the hashtag, #firstworldproblems or others similar to it on Facebook or Twitter. Well, here is Mark Davidhizar’s #runnerproblems. These are my #runnerproblems. You may have some of these problems yourself, or you may have your own, but all of us runners have some kind of #runnerproblems.
Expensive Running Gear I have heard people say that running is a cheap sport, that it doesn’t cost much money to do it. LIES!!! A good quality, new pair of shoes can cost from $80-$150 depending on your foot type and how much you plan to run in them. And how long do they last you? 500-700 miles. If your a marathon runner, that’s about 3-4 months, if you are lucky.

Then you have all the other gear: good running shorts, shirts, long sleeve, short sleeves, compression socks, hats, gloves, reflective vests, lights, Garmin (everyone should have a GPS watch), hydration pack or belt. It all adds up to one expensive sport.
Garmins I love Garmins or GPS watches but at 4:00 a.m., it gets ridiculous waiting for your Garmin to locate a satellite. Then there are also times where you lose satellite signal when going under a bridge.
No bathrooms when you need one. As a runner, these become your best friend:
The problem is, there is never one around when you really need one and also, let’s face it, they are not all that clean. But somehow, Runners World manage to write a 4 page article about Port A Potties: 

Chafing this is why I am against running in and wearing cotton in general. I don’t think you will find anyone who will brag about the chafing in their armpits or other unmentionable areas. And guys, no one likes bleeding nipples…
Early Morning Runs back to school means two things to me. 1. The girls get back into a routine, which is good. 2. I now get to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to run starting next week. Better get my reflective vest and lights ready, my arch nemesis, the newspaper delivery woman and I will do battle once again. I can’t even tell you how many times she has come close to hitting me.
jealousy of other runners running gear Thou shall not covet their neighbors Garmin. Yeah, every time I see a Garmin 620, I want to rip it off that persons wrist (I need serious help).

Since originally posting this, I now have a Garmin 620 

 But now I kind of want my wife’s 225… 

 it’s a never ending battle.
Running Clothes Addiction I swear, every time I go to the outlet mall, where there is a Nike and Under Armor store, I tell myself, I have plenty of running gear. I don’t need anything else. I am getting better at not buying anything else, but it’s difficult at times.
Extra Laundry Now, you will have to ask my wife, Tina, about this, but I think this is close to accurate for our home:  
fitting in a long run with family life and also trying to avoid the heat, this is tough to do and once again, usually means, waking up at 4:00 in the morning on a Saturday. Throw in kids soccer ges this summer and my wife also doing a long run, it has become a juggling act. 

Tan lines  whether it’s from your watch, your shorts, or singlet, you rally can’t help having tan lines. 

Losing your toenails  Toenails are for sissies!
That day you met Frank Shorter and your family didn’t care yeah, my family couldn’t care less about me meeting a running legend, but it was still a good day (He said I could call him Frank). 
Friends were a little more excited when I got to meet Meb.  I think that Tina had a better understanding of what the obsession is about Meb after she heard him speak as well.  



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