Saucony Ride 8

Fleet Feet Sports in Mishawaka hosted a Saucony Pub Run last night, just off of the campus of the University of Notre Dame. Saucony is a brand that only makes running shoes. While it is not the most popular brand, it’s good to know where their focus is at. A Saucony representative was present to talk about their shoes and had 3 options to choose from.  I choose to try the Saucony Ride 8.  

 Look at those colors!

A couple of disclaimers before I review the show. 1. The run was only 3 miles long, so all opinions are based on a short run. However, these shoes had been run in before so I did get a good feel for them.  2. I have never ran in a pair of Saucony’s before, so I can not compare these shoes with any of their older models.


The Ride 8 fit true to size.  I was able to pick a size 9.5 which is my typical running shoe size. The Ride 8 is also a neutral shoe, so there is no extra support. The fit seemed to be right on for me with no discomfort. It also felt like there was more cushion than what I am used to from my Mizuno’s that I have been wearing lately. The shoes does come in a wide size as well.  The shoe also comes with RUNDRY lining which is supposed to wick away moisture.  To be honest, I probably did not run far enough to notice.  But good to know for those who battle with blisters at times. 

 Tina tried out the women’s Ride 8 on a 1 mile run with Chloe. 


I tried the Ride 8 running a little easy at first (it was a recovery day after all), and then picked up the speed at the end to see how they felt more in a race condition.  

What I am impressed with by these shoes is how smooth it felt.  The shoe also felt very responsive every time my foot hit and lifted the from the ground.  It also felt like there was a lighter impact with every foot strike.  According to the Saucony website, the PowerGrid is what is used for cushioning and impact is distributed more evenly between the heel and forefoot in the shoe.  

Also according to the website, the weight of the shoe is 9.4 ounces which is a little lighter than I am used to wearing.

As I picked up the pace for the last mile, I loved the feel of the response of the shoe.  As I stated earlier, it was very smooth and with the cushioning, felt very low impact.  

Will these become my next running shoes, I don’t know yet.  Still have some time left on the Mizuno’s Wave Inspire 11s and I am a creature of habit when it comes to my shoes. But I would recommend looking into them. Saucony seems to be really changing their brand and how they cater to runners, so keep a look out for what’s coming next. 


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