Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

Disclaimer: I bought these shoes myself at Fleet Feet Sports in Mishawaka.  I highly recommend that you go to your local running store and try out several shoes before making an investment. Most running store will let you at least try out a pair of shoes In their parking lot or even allow you to try them for a couple weeks to ensure you buy a pair that fits and works best for you. 

I have been a fan of the Mizuno Wave Inspire series since first running in the Wave Inspire 9’s.  In fact, I ran in five pairs of them.  Sadly, I can not find the 9’s anywhere anymore so I had to find another shoe to wear.  I was told at the beginning of the year not to waste my time with the 10’s and instead go right to the Wave Inspire 11’s. 

The Wave Inspire shoes have provided a light and stable shoe for runners for years and the 11 model is no different.  The wave inspire shoes are also very true to size.  I have been wearing size 9.5 ever since I remember, and that’s exactly what fits me the best.  My feet very comfortable in these shoes, which provide a proper fit for me. 

The color design of the shoe is simple, which I like.  Nothing to bright which most shoes have started going with.  

 The one noticeable change I have notice in the 11’s over the 9’s is that it fits a slimmer foot better, which my foot is very slim it seems.   

As with any Mizuno shoe, they do have a wave plate (think of it as a suspension piece for a shoe) which eliminates the shock of your foot striking the ground.   This provides for a very comfortable foot strike.   


I have been wearing this pair for about 9 weeks now.  I have raced in them for distances of 5k to half marathons in them.  I have yet to be disappointed in these does. They have provided me with a great fit and are light as well.  


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