There Are No Politics in Running

With the major political news/Supreme Court  headlines, I have come to appreciate running more and more.  Not because I agree or disagree with the rulings and decisions being made, but because running is a great escape from it all. 

When running, you don’t have to think about what’s going on in the world. It’s time for you to get away from it all for an hour or so and clear your mind. Forget about work, forget about whatever is bothering you and hit the road or trails. Talk to God, thank Him for life, thank Him for everything he has given you, and thank Him for the ability he has given you. 

Running has never been about politics, whether your a republican, a democrat, or independent. It doesn’t care about that. It’s about pushing you to be better, improving yourself both mentally and physically.  It’s also about helping others. It’s about pushing others to be better than they are and to support and encourage them. You don’t have to affiliated with a certain political party to do that.

The great thing about running is the community.  It brings people together from all different backgrounds and we do the same thing, we run! And while we run, we may have different views on life, but that doesn’t matter. Out on the roads, we push each other to improve one another and ourselves. 

So wether you run alone or run together, leave the garbage of the world behind. 

And so help me, if running does become political, than I quit!


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