Courthouse Classic

Saturday was the 16th Annual Courthouse Classic 5k in LaGrange, IN.  LaGrange is a small town in northeast Indiana. Give me a small town 5k race over a large 5k race anyway. There is just something different about them.  More than likely, if you are from the area, you will know other runners there and they are unique. For instance, with the Courthouse Classic, one of the main sponsors is a grocery store in town.  So every registered runner got a sack of groceries.  

 It is some of the most random stuff, but just about everything we can use (except for the candied olives.  I have never heard of them, but none of us in the house likes olives). They also have a kids fun run and competitive mile.  Here is what the kids get: 

  The coloring books came in handy while Tina and I ran in the 5k. 
Race registration is also very reasonable. I believe Tina and I registered for $18 each for the 5k and the kids mile was either $8 or $10. Plus all of us got shirts.  Yes they are cotton but for the registration fee and all the stuff you get, I really have no room to complain.  

 Oh, I almost forgot, the post race food.  If this is important for you, this is the race for you.  They had Subway there as well as a guy grilling hotdogs.  Not just any kind of hotdogs, there were either Jalapeno or cheese filled hotdogs.  Not only was the food for runners, but enough to feed anyone else there.  They have got to have great sponsors. 

Kids Fun Run

It’s really a simple course to follow but there is a hill to deal with early on.  

 Emma and Chloe both ran great races. Chloe ran a new PR, in a time of 11:35.  


And Emma ran a 9:31.  


5k race

Not really much to write about my race. Nothing to impressive, but nothing bad.  Didn’t run as fast as I would have liked, but I will take it.  I finished in a time of 18:18 (My time last year was 18:15). Due to Atlee Lambright running 3rd overall, that moved me up to 1st in my age division, with a 10th place finish overall.  


Tina did well, not a PR, but there are some rolling hills on the course to slow you down as well.  Tina finished in a time of 30:53.  It was good for 5th place in her division, one place away from an award (awards went 4 deep in age divisions).  She also finished really strong.


As I said, it’s great to run the smaller races because you see a lot of people you know. Some of my friends who ran were Jake Gillette (finished 2nd overall), Atlee Lambright (3rd overall), Mark Furkis (6th overall and Masters Champion), Clinton Dickons (1st in division), Mark Grabill (5th in division, ran his 5th PR in the 5k in 5 weeks), David Dodd (1st in division), Todd Rothi (5th in division, getting his speed back after being injured this winter),  and Eric Diamond (6th in division). Also in the kids mile, Natalie Gillette who ran a new PR of 9:36.  Pretty good for a 5 year old.  She gets it from her mom.

Great job this weekend everyone!


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