Summer Running Tips


If Running in the later part of the day, have a water bottle by your side at all times.  Drink throughout the day to prepare for your run. Also while on your run, consider carrying your own water, especially on those long runs. It is also beneficial to know where there are water fountains on your route. 

Also, be careful what you drink throughout the day.  Caffeine and alcohol cause increase urine output, which causes a greater chance of becoming dehydrated at a faster rate. 


The coolest temperatures of the day, are in the early morning hours, right before the sun comes up.  If you have to wait until later in the day, wait until dusk.  It will still be warmer, but the sun won’t be as intense. 


Loose fitting, light colored clothing will allow you to breath easier, allows the breeze to cool you off, and sun rays to reflect off of you better.  In general, it will keep you cooler. The popular sports-synthetic (tech) clothing is a lot better for warmer running than cotton.  They also keep you dryer as well. 


Don’t get burned.  Protect yourself from the powerful sun rays. Some say, sunscreen will help keep you cooler as well. 

Head Gear 

Wear a loose fitting hat with breathable mesh. Wear a hat to protect your head from the sun but not so tight that the heat can not escape. Remember, just as it is in the winter, you lose the most heat from your head. 

Start Slow

The slower you start, the slower it will take you to become absolutely miserable.  Also, if running in the heat of the day, lower your goals and expectations.  Don’t push yourself to the point of overdoing it. 

Run through the sprinklers 

Become a kid again and take advantage of the neighbors sprinklers when running.  By no means am I saying to run into the middle of their yard. But if the sprinkler is near the road, run through it and cool off. 

Don’t be afraid to stop

Know the warning signs if the heat is getting to you: headaches, lack of concentration, loss of muscle control, upset stomach, dizziness, and hot and cold flashes are all signs of trouble.  If you experience these, stop and find shade right away. 

If it’s too hot, don’t run

Simple as that.  Know your limits and what you are comfortable with.  Live to run another day.


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