Randy Miner Memorial Country Run (or, Double Knot Your Shoes You Idiot!)

  The second annual Randy Miner Memorial Country Run was held this past Saturday (June 13, 2015) in the bustling metropolis of Etna Green, IN (ok, not really bustling or a metropolis at all, back in 2013, the population was 585). Obviously, you could list this as a small town race. I like doing this race for a couple of reasons. 1. The race director is a good friend of mine, Todd Hoffer. 

 Todd and I following the Sunburst Half Marathon a week earlier. 

2: Randy Miner was a relative of mine. 

Randy Miner was the original race director of The Country Run for many years.  It was a race that ran twice back in the early 90s when I was in middle school.  Randy always made hand made clock awards for the over all winner.  Randy died a few years ago, and his friend, Todd decided to bring the race back in Randy’s honor.  Todd still continues the tradition of hand made clocks as awards. (To read more on Randy Miner, click Here 

This years race was great, not gonna lie.  The race is a four mile run in the country.   

Pretty simple and basic.

The day was very warm and humid, with chances of rain predicted for the afternoon.  The start time was 5:00 PM. At 4:30, there was also a mile race, which was very warm and sunny. 

 (Chloe finishing up her mile) 

(Derek doing his best supporting his sister, ringing the cow bell)

By the time the 4 mile race was approaching, so we’re the storm clouds, and it started to become darker.  The decision was made to start the race early (5-10 minutes) to try to beat the storm. But there was no beating the storm.  

  About a half mile into the race, lightning was getting closer and the rain started pouring down.  Mark Furkis (local runner who seems to never age) and I took out the early lead.  Viability was a struggle at times as were the 30 MPH gusts coming right at us. First mile was run in 5:43. 

Soon after crossing the mile mark, I realized we were no longer alone.  Another runner named Curtis Nordmann, who I am not familiar with, was right behind us, and conditions were getting worse. One other thing was getting worse, my right shoelace was coming untied. With watching Derek while Chloe and Tina ran the mile, I didn’t have much time to warm up or I guess, check my shoes to make sure they were double knotted.  

Right before mile 2, we made the second turn on the course, giving me an opportunity to see how close 4th place was. At this point, it appeared I had a 20-30 second lead on 4th place.  The decision needed to be made and made now. Do I stop and tie my shoe and probably lose any chance of winning, or keep running, hope I don’t lose my shoes costing me more time? 

I made the choice to stop and tie my shoe. This probably cost me 10-15 seconds and mile  2 was complete in a time of 6:28.  From this point in, the rain was off and on with the stronger storms being passed and was now running alone.  The good news is, the wind was now at our backs for the rest of the race. Mile 3 was run in 6:05 with no real gain on the front runners but not really loosing any distance as well.  The forth mile was completed in 6:07 with a finishing time of 24:28 (6:05 average), which was faster than my time last year.  

I was able to easily maintain my third place finish which given the conditions and my shoe issues, I am happy with.  Part of me does wonder how long I could have stayed with leaders of I didn’t have to stop. 

Awards did take a while because when the storm hit, the electronic timing had to be shut down, which I don’t blame the race or the timing company for. If lightning struck close enough, it could ruin $12,000 worth of equipment. So all timing and results were done by hand. Reminds me of road races when I first started running.   

Overall, I highly recommend this race to area runners.  Great awards and a lot of door prizes (I won a $350 teeth whitening).  2016 race date has not been announced yet. 

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