Fathers Day Gifts for Runners 

Hey, Fathers Day is a little over a week away, here are some ideas of what to get the father in your life who is a runner.

Race Entry 

  Register him for the next big race that he has had his eye on but never registered for because of the expenses or he was unsure if he has your support.  Showing him your support in this way will carry him through the weeks/months of training. 

GPS Watch 

  There is no better training partner than a good GPS watch.  I am partial to my Garmin 620 with heart rate monitor.  Do some research and talk to the recipient about what would fit their needs the best. Garmin just came out with a 225 model with a built in heart rate monitor. 

Next Pair of Running Shoes

As there are so many different brands and models to choose from, it’s probably best that you just take dad shopping for new shoes instead of picking out a pair yourself. 


Keep in safe at all times.  RoadID helps in case of an emergency.  First responders will know who to contact right away and also any kind of allergies.    


There are motivational books: 


Books on training:  


And who doesn’t want to run like Meb?  

There are compression socks, ankle socks, calf socks.  You name it, they got them.  Plus in too many colors to count. 

 (My Smartwool product review)


For the runner in your life who likes to have their music with them while they run.  I promise you, this thing works great.  I got this for Tina for Christmas and the phone has never dropped out of it or come loose. 

 (My SonicMount Product Review)

Display His Medals

Display his accomplishments.  You can easily make one from materials found at an arts and crafts store such as Hoby Loby:  

     Or check out the links below on what these companies has to offer. 

Sports Hooks
Gone For A Run
Medal Hangers
Running on the Wall
Reflective gear

Make sure he is seen on those early morning or late night runs.  Make sure he returns home safely.   

   T-shirt Blanket 

Get some good use out of all those old race shirts that he never wears any more and have a blanket made out of them.   

Runner’s World Subscription 


Hydration belt

It’s getting hot out there.  For those long summer runs, make sure that he is able to stay well hydrated.  There are belts that hold 2-4 water bottles.  There are also backpack styles and hand held bottles.   

 Gift Certificate to His a favorite Running Store.

If this all seems overwhelming, then get him a gift certificate to his favorite store and let him get what he wants or needs. 


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