New Blog Page!

I have decided to start a new blog page, along with a new Facebook page. Why you may ask? Basically it comes down to the fact that the 2015 Boston Marathon is over and completed, so the title of the Blog doesn’t make sense any more.  When I started Mark to Boston 2015, I planned on it being just a blog about getting ready for the 2015 BostonMarathon. But it became more than that with race reviews, product reviews, and other things related to running. 

Also, along with a new blog page, I have started a new Facebook page.  You can find that page here. I hope to offer encouragement, advice, product reviews and more. I would appreciate if you would like my new page and follow along as well as contribute.  It’s a lot more fun when others are involved. 

So why the name “Daddy, Did You Win?” After every race I run, no matter how large the race or the distance, my two daughters, Emma (8) and Chloe (7), ask me, “Daddy, did you win?” They even asked me after running the Boston Marathon.  

   (Emma in pink on the left, Chloe in pink on the right)

So please keep following along both on here and on Facebook.  


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